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[Albion] Mayo V Dunk

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Some of the JCL's may not know much about Kerry Mayo Brighton legend, so I will let this thread do its thing and expose that great man of over 400 games for the Albion in the dark years.


Our up to date hero in the stripes Lewis Dunk is already an Albion legend IMO.

Of course, Lewis has played at a higher level. However, legends are made through playing consistently at the top of their own individual games.

Can Lewis play as many games as Kerry did in the stripes?

It looks to be a close-run thing.

Both are different in their own way as men and footballers?

What are NSC thoughts or memories of these giants of the Albion???

Ps never going to make it a poll as I don't want any ding dongs about these two.:D


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The Large One

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Jul 7, 2003
Can Lewis play as many games as Kerry did in the stripes?

Certainly. Assuming ever-presence, it should take him about three seasons.

And when he's done that, he can then beat Gary Hart's record.

Icy Gull

Back on the rollercoaster
Jul 5, 2003
One was a limited player who never hid and one is a quality player. The difference is like Withdean and the Amex

Both legends of their era


Deleted member 2719

Both homegrown legends

Kerry’s cousin works for me

I felt for Kerry that day in Hereford, how many beers did he have to buy Robbie after his goal?

His face in the above picture tells a story!

portlock seagull

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Jul 28, 2003
Loved Kerry Mayo. Went to his testimonial too. He and Gary Hart fully deserve their places in the Albion Hall of Legends. Forget Hereford. What about THAT goal against Derby? Insane celebratory scenes. Withdean South stand needed a new safety inspection the following Monday morning!

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