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[Albion] May 7 2016 the birth of a shyster.

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Apr 2, 2009
Stockport & M62
Went from bright sunshine somewhere north of York into a cold damp fog, that persisted all the time until we emerged back into the sun in the same place on the way home. Totally sums up the day - the place itself and our mood. Ramirez had been 'leaving his foot in' all afternoon and intended harm on Stephens in that tackle, but was too late.

Still hate that ****.

I know it worked out well for us in the end and now ‘Boro are up shitcreek but I can’t forgive him.

As others have said, I’m convinced that 11v11 having got it back to 1–1 we’d have gone on to give ourselves a great chance of winning. ‘Boro would’ve sat back in front of a nervy crowd and we were getting on top. It could’ve been an incredible way to win a fully deserved promotion.

Before anyone ever forgives him, just remember the players he cost a promotion to the Premier League with Brighton.

Calderon. Greer. Zamora.



Jul 25, 2003
Really disappointed on the day and even more so when watching our team fall apart 6 days later against a Sheffield Wednesday team that were vastly inferior to us but for the biggest slice of luck ever as far as suspensions (Dunk and Stephens) and injuries (Zamora, Goldson, Hemed, Sidwell, Knockaert) go.

However, the shyster probably did us a favour. We strengthened attack and defence with Murray and Duffy and got promoted easily with a stronger squad the next season. Middlesbrough managed only 28 points in the Premier League, barely threatened he playoffs for the next 2 years in the Championship and are now flirting with relegation.
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Sep 22, 2007
I remember seeing this on the day but at 3:46 you see Dean say to Greer "Look at his leg. Look at his leg". WHAT DOES A CUT HAVE TO DO WITH ANYTHING DEAN YOU USELESS WANKER!


I'm probably being facetious.
Nov 11, 2013
I watched what I could while on my stag do down in Swanage.

It put the turdy cherry on a turd of a weekend to be honest, nothing against the guys that organised the weekend but had far too much going on in my head to enjoy what they had done.

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