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[Football] Match of the Day returns

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Mar 8, 2008
Might be useful with the scattering of fixtures (especially if you're a complete nerd like me and actually have a spreadsheet of all the fixtures and what channel's they're on - or if you don't have Sky or BT). The highlights shows with old jug ears and co are scheduled so far for:

Sat Jun 20 (MOTD)
Sun Jun 21 (MOTD2)
Weds Jun 24 (MOTD)
Thu Jun 25 (MOTD)
Sun Jun 28 (MOTD2)
Thu Jul 2 (MOTD)


I'm probably being facetious.
Nov 11, 2013
We were on first and I still couldn't stay awake for it. Just watched the re-run and they might as well have said that Arsenal scored 2 own goals for as much as we were mentioned.


Green Cross Code Man

Wunt be druv
Mar 30, 2006
I thought the punditry was fine. Both pundits said Maupay's challenge was okay and Shearer said what class the finish was from him and that we had done tremendously well to come back and showed real fight etc at the end. Of course they will talk about Arsenal more, that is the boring nature of the Premier League. But at least Linekar didn't have a bitter go at stirring it like that sore loser Humphrey on BT Sport.

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