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Match day buses

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Jul 28, 2011
I've had this idea knocking around for a couple of weeks and I honestly think it would help to alleviate some of the travel problems experienced in getting to the Amex.

The idea is that you buy a few, say 4 or 5, double decker buses and kit them out in the stripes. Then on matchday you have these buses running for an hour or so before and after the game ferrying people back and forth from a pickup point in the city to the ground.

You could have it so that you can only use the buses by being a BHA supporter and showing a valid season ticket, leaving non-STH's and away fans to get to the ground using other travel means. Or you could charge a neglible amount, perhaps the same price as a rail ticket to Falmer or a little under the cost of a taxi, again only available to STH



Jul 5, 2003
Who's gonna buy them?
Who's gonna pay for insurance, fuel, repairs, etc?
Who's gonna drive them?
Where are they gonna be kept when not in use?
Who's gonna pay to use these when they've already payed for travel (in cost of ST)?

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