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[Football] Martin Keown thinks Martin Tyler was biased in his commentary


Not awoke
Feb 3, 2008
Keown is whinging this morning on TS about how biased Tyler was in yesterdays match commentary……feeling for Arsenal fans having to listen to it …..as if Keown is never biased towards Arsenal ……. 🤦‍♂️

Various other excuses are currently being trotted out….Arsenal players knowing about the City result meant they were off their game ……etc etc
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Jul 9, 2003
Amazing - as someone pointed out on here he seemed incredibly low key with all our goals. Can’t remember if that’s his style but he seemed almost annoyed. To the point I was waiting for a flag or something each time…!
yeah noticed this also. Almost seemed thoroughly annoyed . Guess doesn't fit the sky narrative and kills the last day drama


Pocket Rocket
Jul 8, 2003
Here and There
Did he say it was bias, or just anti-Arsenal?

Think there's a difference, I wasn't concentrating on what Tyler was saying about Arsenal. Gary Neville was the one lamenting about our play.

Bold Seagull

strong and stable with me, or...
Mar 18, 2010
It was highly amusing watching the faces of Neville, Viera and Keane, 3 very tough no nonsense players listen to Micah Richards trying to make a case that Kiwior on losing his boot was fouled for our first goal.

Micah Richards was also smirking - I got the impression he had drawn a pre-arranged short straw to try to make a case that a boot coming off was a foul.


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Aug 25, 2011
Withdean area
….and he got a yellow card yesterday

Personally and I've always thought this, I love managers who show touchline passion and (not literally) fight the cause eg awful officiating decisions or violent fouls.

When we had CH and GP, many here had the opposite opinion to me and said managers should at all times show touchline decorum.

RDZ's an open book, I love it .... and him :lolol:
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