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[Finance] Man City accused of breaking EPL financial rules


Jul 6, 2003
A big points deduction seems to be the only fair thing the EPL can do at this point?
Absolutely. That and a huge fine, a transfer embargo and a ban on European competitions. These bans will last until Man City's lawyers get them overturned - which will be about a week after they're implemented. And they'll get the fine repaid. And the points re-instated. With a bonus in both cases to make up for the fact that City's good name has been besmirched.


Living the dream
Apr 23, 2015
Shoreham Beaaaach
Got very dodgy sponsor deals going on to boost their income which isn't even part of the investigation.




Official Old Man

Uckfield Seagull
Aug 27, 2011
I'd love to think that something, just something, may happen this time. But why are we getting excited because we all know that they will end up fighting it all the way to the point that in the end a huge fine equivelant to one months wages to a player will be made, suspended for 5 years.
Close thread, end of story.

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