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[Albion] Mahmoud Dahoud (Loaned to VfB Stuttgart 31/01/24)

If Dahood is out the door then even more reason to sign a CM in the next 8 days. If Gilmour or Gross get injured then we are in trouble.
Surely then Moder or Milner plays, I’d say we need greater depth in winger and attacking midfielder/10. Judging by tonight

Nobby Cybergoat

Well-known member
Jul 19, 2021
Saudi league. You know, that could be what this whole thing is all about.

Maybe he's stropped off to try and get a move there. Maybe Mo is the Jan 24 on strike player we have


NSC Patron
Jun 20, 2021
He is still in training and for some reason being bogged up by the Albion Admin.
I am assuming that he has no more inside info than the rest of us as to RdZ s plans?



Dangerous Idiot
Jun 21, 2012
Born In Shoreham
At the time I thought it was unlucky, or possibly extremely sneaky . . . but nothing like an Andone. Given his improvement I was giving him the benefit of the doubt . . . Whatever. He's seemingly history

If he was pulled up and admitted to being deliberate, fair play, off ye f***!
A recent TV game and the exact same incident occurred and the ref who sent him off was on VAR this time a yellow :shrug:

Hugo Rune

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NSC Patron
Feb 23, 2012
He does have some admirers though…

The midfielder @Fenerbahce was supposed to recruit in Brighton, where he came as a free agent, cannot find any playing time in the last matches. He is exactly the man our team needs.
#mahmouddahoud @onurtugrul @VOLEapp @YusufKenan_ @SportsDigitale @yagosabuncuoglu I would be happy if you put it on the agenda 😃


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Jul 7, 2003
Sussex, by the sea
A recent TV game and the exact same incident occurred and the ref who sent him off was on VAR this time a yellow :shrug:
So basically, the players are cheating, the officials are incompetent, corrupt or both.

Win win

for the bookies.

S'hampton Seagull

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Oct 12, 2003
I wouldn't be surprised if a move is being lined up for him, especially if we can sign KDH.


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Jul 18, 2003
It’s that red card that did for him- otherwise he’s not a bad player but de Zerbi doesn’t want any passengers and he is a luxury the way we play

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