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[Albion] Lewis Dunk

Cotton Socks

Feb 20, 2017
I love him so much, I'd give him a plaice in my pub quiz team! Sorry to those that have absolutely no clue what I'm talking about. You'll have to sea it for yourself & I can't be bothered to fish through the threads to find it. :lolol: Sorry.......


Jul 10, 2003
He is quite simply Brighton's greatest ever player. Now in his 14th season in the first team (13th if you don't count his one appearance in his first season), the last 6 at the highest level of English football. We have had some great players over the years but nobody else comes close to what he has achieved, so consistently, for so many years at the Albion:bowdown:

Wardy's twin

Oct 21, 2014
Dunk has been very good in a number of games recently , stifling the opposition and playing out from back a part of his game which potter removed from him.


Dec 21, 2011
He missed one tackle against Sterling or somebody like that in a training session which has ensured HE NEVER GETS PICKED FOR ENGLAND EVER AGAIN.
The footage was of him getting done by Rashford, something that has happened to many a decent defender.

It's a myth that it was this that saw him not called up again, as it occurred during his first time with the England squad, when he was called up, but didn't play. He was subsequently selected in the following squad and picked up his only cap then.

It seems to me that the real reason is Maguire. Dunk was picked when Maguire was injured. Southgate sees them as alike and has always preferred Maguire regardless of how obviously out of form he has been. By the time he was injured again, Southgate had started picking Coady, a player who's nowhere near as good as Dunk on the pitch, but seems to be picked because Southgate reckons he's excellent when he's not playing. I've always got the impression that Dunk and Maguire don't like each other and if you want to be picked in Southgate's England squads, you need to get on with his blue eyed boy.

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