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[Football] Leandro Trossard **Sold To Arsenal 20/01/2023**


Jul 5, 2003
We’ve been very lucky on the injury front so far this season. An injury to Moises, mitoma or perv and we look very weak.

As long as maccer is playing we can just about live without Moises. Just.

Mitoma and perv are irreplaceable at the moment. We have zero cover at left back for perv.


Quality over quantity
Jul 2, 2015
Has anyone left us (under a cloud or otherwise) and actually become a better player?

Everyone I can think of has disappeared into squad obscurity at best, and Lincoln City at worst.
Recent leavers:
Ben White has done well and probably upped his game.
Dan Burn has kept his level of consistency up.
Maupay, Cucurella, Bissouma all definitely regressed.

Happy with the deal tbh. He will do well at Arsenal and will contribute, perhaps more consistently than he did here. Who knows?
He clearly threw his toys out of the pram when we told him we would apply the one year option in his contract as he saw an early lucrative move put on hold.
The result is he gets what he wants and we make another significant profit.
His place in the side is already filled and as so often if late we move on with little or no detrimental effect.
Win:Win 👍
Aug 6, 2011
Bognor Regis
It would be good if the next Albion transfer news wasn't someone leaving or a new WSL or U23 player joining, but a first team ready player, as I fear the squad is getting a little too thin if we suffer a few injuries and suspensions at the same time.
Hold your nerve @studio150. The big man (who is actually quite small) has never let us down yet.
Jan 3, 2012
He’s done very well for us - that hat-trick at Anfield. A pure class goal in the 3-2 home defeat of Citeh, and plenty of others. One of my favourite players.

personally I’ll be sorry to see him go, but can see him doing ok at Arsenal. If he’s not going to fit in with RDZ, I’d rather see him leave, and we do ok out of it. We win, he wins, Arsenal win.

Harry Wilson's tackle

Harry Wilson's Tackle
Oct 8, 2003
Yeah ok. None of us can really know that though.

De Zerbi has made several comments in regards to training.
In one of his early press conferences he said he was surprised the players get a day off.

I think he has very high standards expects the maximum from his players.
His comments about Trossard can get even better results, may be code for him thinking he isn't putting enough into training.
Or not.
He said before the WC that Tossard was operating at 80% (of his capacity) and it was clear Bob de Z wasn't happy with Tossard about this.

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