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[Football] Leandro Trossard **Sold To Arsenal 20/01/2023**

Wardy's twin

Oct 21, 2014
I think it is wrong to focus on the last 2 months rather than the 3 years. Let's remember the good days, that goal against Man city, that goal against spurs , that hat trick of woodwork shots against MUFC and of course the hattrick against Liverpool.

People saying we won't miss him are (IMO) wrong because on his day he was magical. I would have preferred to keep him but it was not going to happen and will continue to happen until we get someone in who will quadruple the wage bill and quadruple the investment. Do we want that and all the baggage that will come with it.


Jul 5, 2003
Yeah but they aren't all going to be Ferguson. Hopefully Moran will step up but I'm getting to the point where I would like some ready made players. Even if you believe the lunacy that is Transfermarket, we were up £62m before this sale in 2022 That is without the Potter money and White money prior to that. Enciso, Buonanotte et all are exciting but young. We need another Pervis level player.
To play where?


WSU Ruffian
Jul 5, 2003
This transfer and general club ethos is great and we all love it for now and wouldn't change a thing

But a couple of wrong decisions and the tower could tumble (aka Southampton)

Will be interesting to see the future of recruitment and how it has evolved under new management/ back-room staff.

£200m ish from the player sales and Potter. If I was Rob I'd be asking to spend a few of those dimes

I'm sure RdZ was told what the club strategy is when he signed up
Sep 2, 2011
Out of favour here, will not sign a new contract, has publicly stated he wants to leave, and is 29 this year… I’d say £27m is very good given the circumstances.
Exactly. Sold for nearly double what we paid for him after we got plenty of mileage out of him and he’s probably just about to go past his peak in terms of age.

Good bit of business and hopefully less of a distraction now.

I’m also hoping that the additional money in Tony’s vault mean we have even less incentive to sell Moises for anything short of nose-bleed money.


Jan 25, 2012
Genuinely think this is the ideal deal for all parties. He wasn't happy here, 18 months on his contract, and everything dealt with quickly in the situation. Good money for us, good price for Arsenal, and he might get a PL medal out of it. Not really a downside

Jim in the West

Sep 13, 2003
Way out West
Little disappointed it's only 27m as, pre world cup at least, I think he could have been in the 35-40m bracket with 18 months left. There's not many players Arsenal could buy that cheap with a proven record in the PL. But given the circumstances post world cup, it's probably a good deal all round.

Echoing others on here, shame it ended how it ended, but no lasting animosity from me. Thanks for the goals and memories, good luck except against us. Long live Mitoma.
I think given Trossard is 28 and only had 18 months left on his contract, the fee seems pretty decent. Sadio Mane went for a sum not much more than that last year (29 years old, 12 months left on his contract)....and Mane was a top, top Premier League talent.
Also, there's no way he was going to sign a new contract, so we really had to get rid. Plus, he'll be worth virtually nothing in three or four years, so there's not much re-sale value for Arsenal.
Having said that, I will look back fondly on some wonderful moments - eg: the goals against Spurs and Arsenal last season, and that hat-trick at Anfield. Wow!


Aug 25, 2022
I think we're massively overstating the "stroppy" side of Leo tbh.

Sure this past week or so has been pretty dreadful, but it isn't something he's been renowned for.
I think he or his agent didn't fully grasp the consequence of the optional year clause, when they signed.
It's been a useful clause that the club seemed to have made good use of.
Yeah maybe, but I don’t necessarily mean stroppy in a refusing to play kind of way, just that he never exactly comes across as a beacon of enthusiasm and I suspect it’s not really the first time he might have been phoning it in at training etc. That kind of stuff can have a low-level impact around the feeling of the club and we could easily just have not known about it before.

Dick Swiveller

Sep 9, 2011
To play where?
Wherever the person we are next likely to sell plays! Probably a CM unless they still think Gilmour will come good. Or a Trossard style player as backup/competition for Mitoma/March. Maybe a versatile Pervis backup that can cover/play elsewhere. TBH, it is experience I worry about losing.


Mar 17, 2014
North West Sussex
He would have had to be 110% motivated for RDZs style of play but was well short. Look forward to watching how he adapts to Arsenal. As per Potter, Bissouma etc, hope these rival teams fail miserably and join a queue behind the Albion


Jul 10, 2003
Wherever the person we are next likely to sell plays! Probably a CM unless they still think Gilmour will come good. Or a Trossard style player as backup/competition for Mitoma/March. Maybe a versatile Pervis backup that can cover/play elsewhere. TBH, it is experience I worry about losing.
Personally, I'd rather we spent the money on new contracts for Caicedo, Mitoma, Solly, Big Bob, Evan etc and continue to bring youngsters through the way we have been. I would make an exception and spend a few quid on Colwill though, if he was up for it :wink:


Aug 8, 2011
Only a good deal if we now spend well. Will be a big miss .Only player that could make space and lose defender to shoot or pass in a central position


Jul 30, 2011
On the Border
It would be good if the next Albion transfer news wasn't someone leaving or a new WSL or U23 player joining, but a first team ready player, as I fear the squad is getting a little too thin if we suffer a few injuries and suspensions at the same time.

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