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[Football] Leandro Trossard **Sold To Arsenal 20/01/2023**


Brighton born & bred
Oct 20, 2022
Well only £1m below what I said I thought he was worth a few hours ago! - so not a bad deal and brilliant for Tross he gets what he wants, a big 6 club and guaranteed Champions football and we get a decent fee despite a load of people thinking we’d let him go for £12m-£15m.

He’s been great for the Albion imo, and I will miss watching his ability to find space in tight areas and his clinical touches in the 18yd box. My lasting memory of him will be watching him make a record breaking hat trick at Anfield earlier in the season. His agent is a twat by the sounds of it and it’s not been a good few weeks for anyone but I sincerely wish him well.

Good luck mate and thank you for all the goals and assists!
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Dick Swiveller

Sep 9, 2011

we have a few coming through:

James Beadle - on loan at Crewe Alexandra (league 2);
Aaron Connolly - on loan at Hull City (Championship);
Shane Duffy - on loan to Fulham (PL).
Teddy Jenks - on loan at Crawley (League 2);
Reda Khadra - on loan at Birmingham City (Championship);
Marc Leonard - on loan at Northampton Town (League 2);
Todd Miller - on loan at Doncaster Rovers (League 2, from January 2023)
Taylor Richards - on loan at QPR (Championship);
Haydon Roberts - on loan at Derby (League 1);
Carl Rushworth - on loan at Lincoln City (League 1);
Lorent Tolaj - on loan at Salford City (League 2);
Ed Turns - on loan at Leyton Orient (League 2, from January 2023)
Jensen Weir - on loan at Morecambe (League 1);

Simon Adingra - on loan at USG (Belgian First Division A);
Steven Alzate - on loan at Standard Liege (Belgian First Division A);
Michal Karbownik - on loan at Fortuna Dusseldorf (Bundesliga 2);
Kacper Kozlowski - on loan at Vitesse Arnhem (Eredivise);
Kjel Scherpen - on loan at Vitesse Arnhem (Eredivise);
Abdallah Sima - on loan at Angers (Ligue 1)
Andi Zeqiri - on loan at Basel (Swiss Super League).
Yeah but they aren't all going to be Ferguson. Hopefully Moran will step up but I'm getting to the point where I would like some ready made players. Even if you believe the lunacy that is Transfermarket, we were up £62m before this sale in 2022 That is without the Potter money and White money prior to that. Enciso, Buonanotte et all are exciting but young. We need another Pervis level player.


Apr 5, 2017
No "good luck Leo" from me. I hope it all goes terribly wrong for him.

There is a right way to get a move (eg Dan Burn) and there is doing it in the most disrespectul, ungrateful and twattish way (Cucu and Tross)
Was it that different for Burn? He agitated for a move so hard, he ended up having to phone Paul Barber and ask him to get the deal done so he could leave ("Eventually, I thought, ‘Stuff this’, and called the Brighton chief exec (Paul Barber) and told him." - Dan Burn speaking to The Athletic). He just did it in private unlike Cucurella and Trossard.

Stella Seagull

New member
Jan 9, 2022
This transfer and general club ethos is great and we all love it for now and wouldn't change a thing

But a couple of wrong decisions and the tower could tumble (aka Southampton)

Will be interesting to see the future of recruitment and how it has evolved under new management/ back-room staff.

£200m ish from the player sales and Potter. If I was Rob I'd be asking to spend a few of those dimes


Sep 28, 2011
Shame that he got away with behaving like he did and managed to force this through. Sets a precedent
tbh any first teamer who hasn't signed a new contract before the extension triggers is going to be off,

Not sure he has "forced" this.


Jul 23, 2008
Out of favour here, will not sign a new contract, has publicly stated he wants to leave, and is 29 this year… I’d say £27m is very good given the circumstances.


Jul 9, 2003
Shame that he got away with behaving like he did and managed to force this through. Sets a precedent
I'm not sure that's true, as the club made it clear when GP left that they would never stand in the way of a player or manager moving to better themselves.

Maybe back then we did set a slight precedent in that comment by the club, but it always looked likely he'd go after not signing a new contract last year, so in my view £27m (if that's true) is a pretty decent price in the circumstances.

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