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[Football] ***Last One Standing Round 3***


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Jan 17, 2022
This is where the successful posters can make their selections for next weekend
Starting Friday 8th December through to Monday the 11th
No Midweek selections please
Selections must be prior to KO in the Friday night game
Coventry-Birmingham 8pm
Remember you can't pick a team you've already selected in the first 2 rounds

44 posters went through (1 outstanding)
10 went out,annoyingly some to postponements

Here are the successful ones,with teams you have already selected

@WASH Leicester,Liverpool
@Mackenzie Bolton,Arsenal
@dazzer6666 Bolton,Ipswich
@Soton Seagull Leicester, Ipswich
@Uh_huh_him Brighton, Liverpool
@chicken runner Bolton, Arsenal
@Wrong-Direction Newcastle, Arsenal
@KZNSeagull Wrexham, Bolton
@papajaff Leicester, Brentford
@Albion_Dave Birmingham, Brentford
@Paulie Gualtieri Bolton, Liverpool
@Psychobilly freakout Derby,Bolton
@Reddleman Leicester, Liverpool
@Eeyore Leicester, Arsenal
@Davidg1957 Peterborough, Portsmouth
@Blue3 Bolton, Peterborough
@Simster Norwich, Brentford
@Ike and Tina Burner Birmingham, Arsenal
@Eric the meek Leicester, Liverpool
@HangletonGull Norwich, Bolton
@A mex eyecan Leicester, Ipswich
@Gophy Brighton, Liverpool
@Worried Man Blues Barrow,Leeds
@Barry Izbak Derby, Southampton
@Invicta Leicester, Arsenal
@Brok Crewe, Burnley
@One Teddy Maybank Leicester, Arsenal
@amexer Norwich, Sutton
@The Brighton Bear Leicester, Arsenal
@worthingseagull Bolton, Arsenal
@Papa Lazarou Birmingham, Bolton
@father_and_son Brighton, Arsenal
@Sussax Wrexham, Brentford
@Withdean11 Wrexham, Liverpool
@HCxUK Bolton, Liverpool
@Mellotron Leicester, Liverpool
@blueandwhitestripes Peterborough, Liverpool
@FindonFan Norwich, Bolton
@doogie004 Brighton, Brentford
@Brownstuff Brighton, Brentford
@Gazwag Leicester, Ipswich
@Frankie Norwich, Ipswich
@SpongebobSquarepants Wrexham, Arsenal
@willalbion Brighton, Liverpool

@Kinky Gerbil Bolton, Wimbledon (if Wimbledon win)

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