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[Albion] Kurt Nogan calls Albion fans HOOLIGANS

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Iggle Piggle

Sep 3, 2010
No, No,

No, No, No, No

No, no, no, no

No, no, no, NOGAN

Wasn't he partnered with Andy Kennedy? I've seen people with disabled badges run faster.


Oct 8, 2008
I was actually at that game and i have to say he's absolutely right , i mean i know it was a few years back but for so called Brighton fans to do what they did that day just makes me cringe when i think about it , thank god our fans have not revisited these dark days yet , i don't think i want to even hear about our own fans calling a ex player names like big nose and throwing paper cups at the wind in disgust , no need for it .

Harry Wilson's tackle

Harry Wilson's Tackle
Oct 8, 2003

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