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[Albion] Ken Valder RIP - Memorial Collection for AITC

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Jul 23, 2003
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I think many on here will have known Ken but I've not yet seen a link to his collection.

A great man and true Albion fan, Ken's family have marked his passing by setting up a Just Giving Collection for AITC. It would be great to see some NSC contributions on there.



Dec 29, 2020
I worked with him on the Here to Help team for a number of years.

Absolutely lovely guy who was so passionate about the club and so welcoming. I was put with him on my first shift and he was so helpful and kind, you could see he knew lots of the fans who attended and would always come over for a chat with him.

Hopefully the club do something for the Arsenal game as he deserves it.

An absolute gent and true Albion ledge. Followed The Albion home and away since about 1970. Never heard him slag the players off in any way even in the dark days when performances were dire. I hope the family don’t mind me sharing this, His wife was about to give birth any day, so you would have thought in an age of no mobile phones, most didn’t even have a landline, away travel would have taken a back seat, no, he wasn’t missing Newcastle away! (1979)
His son was born only a couple of days later.
not only an Albion fanatic he was a true community man that loved this town.
Sleep well Ken


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I seem to recall Freddie (Ken) posting news that he was suffering from ill health a while back - actually we PM’d each other back in 2018 around the subject - which was (at the time) sad to read, but nonetheless he was full of his usual optimism as well as realism.

Obviously, this news is so hard to take in, clearly he loved the club and cherished working in his role on match days.

He’d always been a top contributor and was always lovely and genuine when our paths had crossed.

I’ll miss his friendly disposition and his gentle humour... we shared a similar view of the world I suspect.

Right now my thoughts are with his family and all those who knew him well.

A true Albion man and a true gent.

Peace be the journey x
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