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[Albion] Just how BAD were Liverpool today?!!

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Brighton Lines

The Manifestation of Moribund
Apr 5, 2014
Thought both sides were pretty poor today. Very scrappy match. On balance, perhaps a draw would have been fair. But I support Albion, so I don't care.

The important thing was seeing how the cup seems to be taken more seriously in recent times. And it especially pleases me when seeing Albion almost as strong as can be.

I didn't think we would win today. But I didn't think we would win against them in 1983. I'm not saying that... but I'm hoping.


Jul 7, 2003
Crikey, what are the chances Liverpool played THAT badly, 2 visits on the trot?!!

When are we going to get a crack at the REAL Liverpool?
They weren't bad at all. An even first half, and they controlled the first 20 of the second.

They should have had one red, possibly two and they lost to a moment of pure class, but there's no shame in ANY team losing to this Albion side, especially away. We are just f***ing brilliant.
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May 1, 2016
Oxton, Birkenhead
They played about as well as they can against a top 6 side. Ageing team that probably needs the quality of a Caicedo in the Summer. They also need to move on from their Alexander Arnold fixation. Run ragged.


Aug 21, 2018
Screenshot 2023-01-29 at 17.07.41.png.png

If only they had a stat for xR (expected red cards)!!

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