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[Albion] Just for fun - prospect pun signings

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portlock seagull

Why? Why us?
Jul 28, 2003
Occasionally we seem to be linked with players who sound more like an Airport tannoy prank. Phillipe Flop, the French International who prefers a sandal like boot. That sort of thing.

Who else ‘could’ we be in the market for?

E-Mista-Sharnz, the promising young striker talent from Arabia?

Stan Still, the English Keeper dropped at HT on his debut?

Sentov, the fiery no nonsense midfielder from Belarus?

Etc etc. Do your very worst NSC!


May 17, 2017
Justa Getashotov - Bulgarian midfielder who has a habit of passing sideways rather than going for goal. He would fit right in.

Eric the meek

Bigga balls
Aug 24, 2020
Luca Waddydiddamerev - Italian version of Zaha. High maintenance and needs managing with kid gloves to get the best out of him.


Radio User
Jan 15, 2008
Tie Whun Shu.

Best avoided. Totally one footed.

I'll get my 70's coat and leave now. Thankfully I'm not here all week.

Greg Bobkin

May 22, 2012
Juan Gul - Spanish second div prospect who scores in the cup match vs Arsenal's reserves and then never again.

Char Xing - well-built Chinese CAM whose enthusiasm gets him booked every time he plays.

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