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[Humour] Jumpers for goalposts

Albion and Premier League latest from Sky Sports

Jan 22, 2022
Brings back a few memories.


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Official Old Man

Uckfield Seagull
Aug 27, 2011
Playing at school, a certain kid always stood next to the keeper and scored all the goals. No VAR or offside in 1968. Now my mind has gone blank to his name but it will come back to me later.


Well-known member
Dec 30, 2022
Pacing out the distance between the goalposts at both ends and then kicking the jumpers back in a bit !

Cowfold Seagull

Fan of the 17 bus
Apr 22, 2009
Rain or shine half a dozen or more of us kids were always kicking a ball about in our street. We used the entrance to my parents driveway as one goal, and across the road and down a bit lived my mate Patrick, his parents driveway became our other goalposts.

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