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[TV] John Lewis CHristmas Advert


Jan 17, 2005
Lyme Regis
Eagerly awaiting the new John Lewis Christmas ad to drop any day now and it looks like most are bringing their Christmas preparations forward to earlier than ever this year. M&S have beaten them to the punch with this quite superb effort.



Huge Member
Oct 19, 2003
It is totally insane that some people got triggered by the colours of the hats.

Also totally nuts is GBnews getting triggered over the 'Thismas' thing and that other people got triggered by the colours of the hats.

I quite like the ad, but don't need the permission of M&S to pick and choose what bits of Christmas I do and don't partake in. Surely we all do this to a fairly large degree?
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Jimmy Come Lately

Registered Loser
Oct 27, 2011
I could have thrown out guesses from now until Christmas and I would not once have suggested Little Shop Of Horrors as the theme for this year's ad. That's one way for the new agency to demonstrate a break with tradition.

But haven't they learned from deerhoundgate in 2010 with the dog that was left out in the snow? I expect a flood of complaints from concerned botanists that tropical carnivorous plants can't survive a UK winter outdoors.

Uncle Spielberg

Well-known member
NSC Licker Extraordinaire
Jul 6, 2003
Just what we need just now. A message of love and hope. Well done M&S


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Oct 29, 2009
Fishersgate and Proud
thats all we need, an invasion of a new non native species - like Japanese Knot Weed on Steroids. Its The day of the Triffids all over again.

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