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[Football] Joey Barton

Harry Wilson's tackle

Harry Wilson's Tackle
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Oct 8, 2003
I remember when people laughed at the idea of 'foreign' managers in England. Villa had Dr Jozef Vengloš in 1991, and when it didn't work out, this was dismissed as 'because he's foreign'.

Now we employ managers who come here with barely any English, who then take sides into Europe, and nobody bats an eyelid.

I can see a woman managing an English league side some time in the next few years. Easy.

Lashing out at women having an involvement in the men's game, even as mere pundits, is the act of a bully. And a ****. I have always given Barton the benefit of the doubt (difficult childhood, mental health issues, etc.,) but there is no excuse for this.

The correct response, I suspect, is the one my mate Bill gave to a Scottish bloke trying to ponce 10 pence of us as we came out of the Nashville in Fulham in 1978. This was "sober up, ****".

(Bill received a head-but and a broken nose for his trouble, which is quite possibly what I would get off Barton for giving the same advice).


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Jul 13, 2003
If only he’d just wrote ‘Karen Carney’ instead of women - most would have agreed!


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Dec 21, 2011
The problem with Barton's critique is that it relies upon an assumption that, before female ex footballers got involved, the male pundits were providing worthwhile insight, instead of just moaning that referees have never played the game and gently ribbing each other about their own playing careers like sad old drunks in a golf club bar.

The problem is not the gender of the ex pros, it's that they're all ex pros and being good at football doesn't make you good at communicating.


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Apr 23, 2010
It's a bizarre take, when some of the most established (male) football commentators have absolutely no experience in playing or managing men's football at any serious level. E.g. Martin Tyler, Jonathan Pearce, John Motson.
Football focus used to be much better when that bloke, Dan Walker, presented it. His extensive experience of playing and winning at the highest level of elite men's football really shone through, really insightful.

Horses Arse

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Jun 25, 2004
here and there
If I was good a knitting I'd be able to comment on knitting. Not sure where gender comes into it. I find the female pundits pretty enlightening generally.

However, that screeching women on the commentary for MOTD can do one, hurts my ears. Her voice is horrendous, screeching to convey excitement is not good commentary. However, this is due to her having a shit voice and being a shit commentator rather than because she's a she/her/hers type of person

Monkey Man

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Jan 30, 2005
Neither here nor there
Good, bad, and middling pundits can be found right across the broadcasting spectrum. I find it rarely has much to do with their gender, or playing career.

Though I did notice on Amazon this week (Luton-Aresenal game I think) all three studio guests were bald men. That just seems crazy.

The Grockle

Formally Croydon Seagull
Sep 26, 2008
Moronic comments but I do feel pundits should be selected on merit not just to tick a box. Feels like the bbc are particularly guilty of an approach that borders on tokenism.

I think the best balance in punditry is when you have a couple who have been there and done it with someone from outside of the football world to chip in. Mark Chapman plays this role well IMO

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