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[Travel] JetBlue - Gatwick to NY

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New member
Jul 28, 2020
Has anyone flown with JetBlue from Gatwick to New York? If so, how was it?

For the time of year I'm looking to go, they are so much cheaper than British Airways and have a better flight time (9 am as opposed to 3pm).

The reviews on Trip Advisor are terrible and are all 1 star but when I looked into it a little closer, I noticed most of them are for domestic flights within the US. When I filtered it to show 'London', it came up with mostly 3 or 4 stars (apart from some odd person who put 1 star before they had even flown as they only liked 2 out of the 5 food options available).


Feb 12, 2005
Have a look on YouTube - a lot of travel bloggers there.

Ignore the title of this video as actually he rated the flight & food.

In all honesty for a 5.5-6 hour flight I can’t imagine any airline could be that bad transatlantic. Certainly not compared to the state of BA at the moment anyway with some of their ageing fleet at Gatwick
Jun 16, 2006
Sunny Worthing
Yes I flew with them in August when I went to the US Open.

Got a really good price and the flights themselves were great. Nice food bit of extra legroom, good entertainment on the screens.

However they cancelled my return flight on the day of the flight itself. I then had a nightmare 2 hours trying to contact them. Eventually got through to livechat and they put us on Heathrow flight that evening.

If it hadnt been for that would have given them 10/10


Oct 8, 2005
Are Norwegian still flying to NY from Gatwick?

I flew with them in 2019. Flight out and back went really well

US Seagull

Jul 17, 2003
Cleveland, OH
We were booked to fly Jet Blue Cleveland to Boston then Boston to Gatwick back in July. Unfortunately, they pushed back the launch of their Boston to Gatwick service so they rebooked us Cleveland -> Boston -> JFK-> Gatwick (and the reverse coming back). But aside from that utter faff, the transatlantic leg was very nice. Their transatlantic planes are all very new and up-to-date.

So nice not having to fly into Heathrow once again.


Nov 16, 2010
Brighton, UK
Definitely a unique and creative use of a niche aircraft. Shannon refuel and passport control. Not sure there are any A318s left flying anywhere in the world.

There's a few knocking about with Tarom (Romanian national airline), does the daily Heathrow flight. Flew on one in May, inside was like an A319/A320 really, just less rows. However being replaced soon I think.

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