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[Albion] Is it just as well that we’ve bagged 22 points this early?

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Given our injuries and the December we’ve got

We're 8th and in the knockouts of the Europa League. Dunk will be back for Burnley (touch wood) and the relegation battle will be between three of the worst sides ever to enter this league, plus a side deducted 10 points over FFP. There might be actions against other clubs too, you never know ;)

In the second half of the season we'll likely get back Welbz, Enciso and hopefully Pervis and Lamptey, our U21s have looked comfortable when coming in and we can make signings or maybe even loan recall Alzate or Sarmiento.

So no, not really.

*EDIT* also Fati back in 6 weeks or so according to RDZ.
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Aug 15, 2012
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If it wasn’t for the injuries we’d be in the top 4 IMO.
We were the better team against Fulham, Shef U and Chelsea (at their place) but we seem to be in a period in the EPL where every mistake is being punished and we’re missing chances, not a good combination. We could have had 9 points from those 3 games, should have had 7 but ended up with 2.
The Brentford and Burnley games are huge, need 6 points.


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Depends whether trend or blip and cases to be made for both.

Trend: several injuries long standing or to players who last 20 minutes before succumbing again so expect season long problems; couple of signings (Goodnight, Baleba in particular) not really firing yet; difficulty of two games per week a la Burnley and West Ham; continual attention to who goes next for £100m; and (BIG ONE) teams that are bottom 4 in terms of goals conceded don't tend to win prizes.

Blip: it's football and that sort of what happens; we'll get enough wounded back to raise a team without 18 year old midfielder playing LB; TB will get cheque book out; couple of the stories of who we are chasing might materialise in Jan; RDZ realises there is a case for the defence; we get a ref who isn't the worst we've seen this season

FWIW, I would forget PL - we will certainly get 16-18 points from here - and play full strength in FAC and EL. Is there anyone who would prefer 10th in League to finishing 17th and winning a trophy?


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This (very rare wins) was always likely for a club with Thursday evening fixtures, with holes in the squad …. a lack of quality FB’s and DM’s.

Will we buy/borrow a first teamer or two in January, that would help.

My guess for the rest of the season, we’ll make EL quarter’s and finish 10th. Lots of quality, with RDZ’s bravery (unlike Moyes, Dyche, Silva and Emery) developing marginal players into stars before our eyes.
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Dec 21, 2011
A lot of young players needed to be bedded into RDZ’s system and this has coincided with bad luck over injuries, yet we are still thereabouts and have qualified in Europe with a good chance of finishing top. Recent weeks have been challenging, but growth comes with challenges. This tough period will stand these players in good stead for the second half of the season and beyond. We won’t get everything right, but like RDZ said in his press conference, we are having to overcome hurdles that other teams don’t have. I’d rather be us than anyone else in the top half, because we’ve won by even being there and yet have an organisation that still wants to set higher standards and achieve more. Its a once in a lifetime adventure.

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If we’d lost all the matches wed win and drawn we would be bottom of the table with no points FACT. Which just proves why we need a BRITISH manger instead of a foriegn one.



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FWIW, I would forget PL - we will certainly get 16-18 points from here - and play full strength in FAC and EL. Is there anyone who would prefer 10th in League to finishing 17th and winning a trophy?
If only it was a case of having a choice even. We can’t play full strength anywhere because of the number of players injured - but now is not the time to ‘give up’, the injury situation will improve and final season position is important for us, finishing 6th or 17th could make the difference of £25-30 million in tv revenue and prize money. That’s the price of a relative decent defender right there or at least the sum of average annual profits in the past few seasons. Or do we just keep going cap in hand to Tony which doesn’t seem fair given how much we are already in debt to him?

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Aug 6, 2011
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In fairness, with the number of injuries and suspensions prior to going to Stamford Bridge I would almost have settled for a one goal defeat before the game.
The fact that we nearly nicked a point shows how strong our young squad is.
If we can play this well when down to our bare bones, then the future is extremely bright.

De Zerbi's mentoring and playing of the youngsters has increased the value of the squad immeasurably.
If TB gives RDZ a new contract worth an additional £5M a year, it will pay for itself due to how he is constantly growing the value of the squad.
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