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[TV] IPTV on Firestick


Gus-ambivalent User
Mar 5, 2009
another request for a recommended service... have managed to get IPTV smarters loaded on the firestick... DMs very gratefully received x


Oct 7, 2008
Check the Supersports channels (African network so under INT sports or similar) around kick off as they show most games. Especially Arsenal

"Maintenance should be done twice a week on sticks to keep them running smoothly and/or if you experience an issue"

Firestick settings - Applications - Manage Installed Applications - Select app and click 'Clear Cache' then Force Close.
Backup and go to 'My Fire TV' and restart stick.

You have not been charged for this information.
Is the correct answer.....also should update every time you use it, this will update the epg and the live games folder.

PM if u need more help.

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