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[Albion] I don’t want to vote for ONE Player of the Season

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Mar 8, 2008
Caciedo because he has been our best player but March deserves it for being our most improved player but Dunk deserves it as he has been central to everything we've done.



Jul 10, 2003
Just thinking how amazing Gross is.

And Welbz.

And Pervis.

Other days it’s Mitoma. Or Alexis. Or Dunk. Or…

And Caicedo is our best player.

Seriously, how can we pick ONE?

(Ok, two with Young Player award)


Edit: And Solly! Dur!
I know exactly what you mean :thumbsup:

There's probably more than 7 that deserve it, but for me, Solly's just ahead at this moment, but 7 games to go :shrug:

Nobby Cybergoat

Jul 19, 2021
If you were to rank every season performance in the history of Brighton and Hove Albion, the best (about) 8 are players playing in this season.

Incredible performances and I find it so hard to not pick, Lewis, Pascal, Moises, Kaoru or Pervis, but i'm going Solly.

I would actually be happy if the club decided not to do it this year. It's been a total team effort

Iggle Piggle

Sep 3, 2010
For what it's worth

Caceido is our best player

Mitoma is our most exciting player

Dunk is our most consistent player

Estupinion is our best find, Who knew Cucu going would be to our advantage?

Gross is our best team player. When he is on the ball, we look better.

Ferguson is our biggest miss when unavailable

Solly is our player of the season.


Jul 5, 2003
Almost impossible to pick but Solly by a gnats whisker for me. Could seriously be any from 10 and there wouldn't be any complaints.

Red Squirrel

Well-known member
Oct 13, 2022
The Highlands
They are all amazing but would pick Dunk, because he has truly embraced RDZ's game plan and been pivotal to it's success. When he started off at the Withdean we all knew he would develop into a ball playing centre half, now the rest of the country know it too, apart from Waistcoat.

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