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How much debt you in ?


Jul 10, 2003
It was a DC transfer in this case (hence the call was a waste of time really). Would struggle to find an IFA prepared to advise anyone in a DB scheme to transfer out now - so tightly regulated they won’t take the risk (probably rightly). Glad I pulled my modest DB scheme out when I did though, worked for me
I paid silly amounts of money in commission for a couple of DB transfers with the Government required reports, but it was the right thing to do. The trouble is everyone's situation is different and what works for one, definitely doesn't work for another.

It was always DB good, DC bad, but I really wouldn't know what advice to give :shrug:

Mo Gosfield

Aug 11, 2010
In business I owe about £140k. In my personal life, very little.
( Divorce and an unwise investment cost about £440k )...( Money spent on BHA in 58 years.....ouch...!! )


Jul 17, 2003
Either everybody is brilliant with their finances OR the ones who are shit are staying well clear of this topic ! Never seen so many goody goody financial wizards on here before 🤔
Well, that's to be expected.

But people are going under financially now for sure, and hopefully this thread at some point will show they are not alone and that it is not hopeless.


Boing boing boing...
Aug 3, 2015
We're fixed until Oct '25 at a very low rate, I'd be foolish to change that, but looked and can pay off 10% a year

thing is, I'm probably better off putting it in a savings account at the moment.
We're fixed until middle of 2028 at a low rate for a 10 year fix, but does mean until very recently it was still high enough to mean it was better to overpay than put everything into savings. While interest rates were so low that savings were pointless (other than for providing an emergency buffer) we pumped as much as we could into over paying. Now got the mortgage low enough that we may as well finish the job, exit early, and free up the budget (for purposes I listed above). Will just make life so much easier not having that massive lump coming out of the account every month. We've got 4x regular saver accounts (2 each at 2 different banks) that mature at the right time to simply take the money from those and dump into the mortgage. Then we'll open new 12 month regular savers and do the same again next year.

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