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[Albion] How many saw Jack Hinshelwood's first Albion goal?

Kalimantan Gull

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Aug 13, 2003
Central Borneo / the Lizard
It was show in 9 different areas in the world as listed in the match thread. Australia, USA, Indonesia, Canada etc.
I‘m fairly sure a few Japanese watch when Mitoma is playing.
I watched it on Indonesian telly. But to be fair i expect most Indonesians up at 4 in the morning would have tuned into the Liverpool or United games :lolol:

Incidentally the channel I subscribe to,, with every premier league and european game shown live, and full match replays on the channel, is a mere £40 a year for the subscription. I'm sure with some cunning VPN - ing that could be of interest to some......


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Dec 12, 2014
I ummed and arred all day about going, shall I shan't I. Checked the weather forecast at 5pm, dry, that'll do, I'll go on the motorbike. Set off at 6 from Rustington, started raining in Worthing, nearly turned round and went home...cracked on and got to the ground at 7pm...roads were very busy, grateful to be able to filter through all that traffic. Love being able to park right at the ground. Average game, small crowd and pretty quiet. Cold ride home but glad I went, would have regretted it if I hadn't.


Jan 28, 2012
My eldest daughter left Amsterdam around 13:30 their time (she'd been there for a gig) on the Eurostar and arrived at St Pancras around 17:45 to find the next train to Brighton was cancelled and eventually arrived at the Amex 5-10 mins into the 2nd half. She rang me in tears as no one would let her into the ground and asked who scored as she heard the cheers while trying to get in. I ended up leaving my seat to try and speak to someone to let her in and was met by a jobsworth steward who wouldn't let her in as "no one is allowed in after half time, it's the rules". I couldn't believe what I was hearing, what a stupid rule when someone has actually made all that effort to get there, especially on a night where getting to the ground was a nightmare for everyone. Thankfully one of her colleagues stepped in and spoke to someone via his radio who gave the ok, so she eventually got to her seat around 65 mins. She was gutted to miss Jack's goal but loved the celebrations at the end.
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Jul 10, 2003
I walked 35 minutes from Preston Park to the Vogue Gyratory, fully intending to go to the game. Got to VG two hours before kick-off. In the space of half an hour about 8 or 9 Sorry Bus Fulls sailed past, didn't even stop. f*** that for a game of soldiers. Walked 35 minutes back home again, via the offie, and watched the game on Amazon Prime. OK, I may have missed Jack Hinshelwood's first ever Brighton goal, but I can console myself with the knowledge that I saw his dad's wondrous long-range own goal at Withdean

I'm really not trying to make it worse, but he actually scored it right in front of your seat :wink:


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Jul 8, 2003
Buxted Harbour
Normally not so arsed but got the impression many just didn’t bother looking at other options last night and it made for a poor atmosphere and looked crap. I care about the image of the club and our fans - it’s all part of being a passionate fan for me. It also affects the team and potentially results - so I care.
Looked crap in front of who?

Who are you trying to impress?

The atmosphere is crap every week but that isn't unique to us. All home teams have a crap atmosphere for most games.

Green Cross Code Man

Wunt be druv
Mar 30, 2006
It wasn't that I couldn't be arsed. I set out from Faversham, but it took me nearly 15 minutes just to get onto the A251. With the temperature dropping and reports of road closures, it would have been . . . .

No, you're right. Couldn't be arsed :lolol:
I missed your raised eyebrows along with the disapproving tut when lambasting refereeing incompetence.


Jul 9, 2003
I was sorry not to be there but the train issue (which i admit i had forgot about) just about makes it impossible to get to the game midweek any other way for us. Apologies but we were responsible for 2 of the empty seats.

Sid and the Sharknados

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Sep 4, 2022
I was with my son and his g/f, they never feel the cold, she's Ukrainian. Yet they got so cold. 6c, sky high humidity, breezy .... it's the UK maritime cold that gets through to your bones.

Then imagine how uncomfortable that is for middle aged/older folk who don't have high blood pressure :lolol:
For the last week I'd have given an arm for it to be 6c.

Not my own arm obviously. I'm not that daft.

Tom Hark Preston Park

Will Post For Cash
Jul 6, 2003
Looked crap in front of who?

Who are you trying to impress?

The atmosphere is crap every week but that isn't unique to us. All home teams have a crap atmosphere for most games.
Wouldn't worry too much about that guy. He's got previous. He once lambasted the Amex atmosphere - while absolutely @Sheebo'ed - while watching a match from his bar stool in Benidorm :lolol:


NSC Licker Extraordinaire
Jun 27, 2012
Amazon Prime and

**Brighton v Brentford**

Now HK 04
Optus AU
Sky Sport 9
Supersport LaLiga
Peacock US
Yes. Worldwide viewing figures for PL games are notoriously difficult to estimate so all of this is hard to prove. And .its true that the big PL games do attract millions of viewers in the UK alone and the global appeal of the Premier League thanks to TV is vast and lucrative - but any idea that Brighton v Brentford - either legitimately or not and via the overseas broadcasters was last night bringing in the big numbers (especially when there was a full programme being broadcast alongside) is probably unlikely.

Thunder Bolt

Ordinary Supporter
As an added factor that would affect midweek winter attendances in general. Many older folk suffer in the cold.
If you have arthritis and stand around in the cold, it makes it 100% worse.


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Jul 5, 2003
I had about 8 empty seats next to me in the North so I must have said something too...

Thunder Bolt

Ordinary Supporter
Wouldn't worry too much about that guy. He's got previous. He once lambasted the Amex atmosphere - while absolutely @Sheebo'ed - while watching a match from his bar stool in Benidorm :lolol:
He still hasn't told us about his heroic journey to the Amex last night. I wonder if he was at home?


Well-known member
Apr 5, 2017
Just a ridiculous opinion, no doubt based purely on your own travel arrangements.

But do explain, how if you live and work in London, that you would have made the game with no trains running.
This equally applies to those that support the team but leave further away than a bus ride.

And before you throw in drive, not everyone owns a car.
To be purely factual here. I live and work in London and got the Thameslink train to Brighton (which ran on time for once) and then got the bus up to the Amex.

It was very busy, and a bit of a rush to make it all work, but I was in my seat just after 7pm.

In fairness to all, I think many would've got scared by how complicated the current strike is (revolving days for different services/providers) and taken the "no trains to the ground" messaging on face value. Including last night that was my third game in 7 days and we've got another one in 2 days. In the run-up to Christmas it is somewhat understandable that people may think to give one a miss. Despite that, I think there was comfortably above 20k at the peak but lots of late arrivers and early leavers.


Brighton born & bred
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Oct 20, 2022
It wasn't that I couldn't be arsed.
Me neither.

In bed with flu. In Norfolk. No connecting trains from Cambridge back home after 10.15pm. No car. 8 hr door to door return on day time matches. Train strikes, knock on delays and cancellations on all routes I needed to take to get to Amex from home. Mobility issues and using crutches at the moment.

But on reflection.

I should have made more effort 🤗

(Will get to Marseille game next week though)

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