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[Albion] How many Premier League points will we pick up in December?

How many Premier League points will we pick up in December?

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Paulie Gualtieri

Bada Bing
NSC Licker Extraordinaire
May 8, 2018
Being on 30 points going into the new year has a nice feel to it considering what we have achieved in Europe to date so have gone for 8 points

No sure what that means for the euro tracker, assuming 60-65 points would be needed this season


Feb 8, 2005
3/12 v Chelsea - loss. It’s their cup final and we will struggle to put out 11

6/12 v Brentford - win.

9/12 v Burnley - win

17/12 v Arsenal - loss (narrowly)

21/12 v Crystal Palace - draw

28/12 v Tottenham Hotspur - draw

Jim in the West

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Sep 13, 2003
Way out West
Just looking ahead a bit, we only have three EPL fixtures in January, with a nice 20 day (ie, virtually three week) break from 2nd to 22nd Jan. Obviously there's at least one FA Cup game in Jan, but it'll be a relief, I think, to have a bit of breathing space after a manic December. And at least we don't have the League Cup to contend with - West Ham, Liverpool and Newcastle all have an extra by the time we play West Ham on 2nd Jan it'll be their ninth game in less than a month. That is just crazy!


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Jun 3, 2004
Bath, Somerset.
With our injuries and suspensions, I've gone for a Scrooge-like 5 points - 1 x win and 2 x draws. We'll be mid-table by New Year, although I hope we'll recover from January as some of our injured players return, and we might make one or two signings to strengthen our depleted squad.


Mar 13, 2013
I used an age old scientific formula to come up with 10.
I printed out the six matches, with the total points, put a blindfold on and stuck a pin in one.
Unfortunately, there was blood loss, as I missed the paper and stabbed my I used a knife and not a pin!
The blood was mostly on 10, so I went with that
As they say, B positive :thumbsup:

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