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How Indica Cannabis Helps with Sleep Issues

Do you find it hard to sleep? Does it take hours for you to fall asleep? Discover the best cannabis seeds that will give you sleep-inducing buds.

The Best Indica Cannabis Seeds for Relaxation and Sleep​


Anyone with access to the internet may well know that marijuana comes in two significant distinctions: Sativa and Indica. These two highly influence the properties and components of specific cannabis plants. The Indica versus Sativa debate continues to garner supporters for both sides.

While some people believe Sativa to be highly potent, Indica is known for its laxative effects. Scientific backing for these notions has taken the debate a step further. It is likely to find people struggling with sleep preferring Indica to Sativa. What do scientific circles say exactly about these claims?

How Cannabis Indica Seeds and Plants Help with Sleep​

There is much speculation regarding how cannabis Indica plants influence sleep. Continuous demands for Indica variants have seen the development of sites like that have tens of different strains. Depending on potency and flavors, customers only need to select the kind they want.

This increase in demand and availability does not conclusively mean that all the available Indica strains help with sleep. Some are effective, and others are usually stimulating instead of offering sedative effects. The main attributes that result in marijuana Indica variants affecting the rest lie in the two most active cannabinoids.

THC and CBD are present in strains at different levels. Indica strains may have high THC and low but significant CBD or low THC and high CBD. One of the common characteristics of Indica is that they have a substantial amount of cannabidiol.

Regarding sleep issues, it is the interactions between the cannabinoids and the brain's receptors and neurotransmitters that result in aided sleep. THC and CBD's interaction with CB1 and CB2 receptors and neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin affect the body's functions in general.

The cannabis Indica can aid sleep due to its properties' interaction with adenosine. Adenosine is a brain chemical that promotes sleep when available in high amounts. Indica strains promote sleep by increasing adenosine production and suppressing the brain's arousal. It limits the passing of messages between neurotransmitters and receptors.

Despite weed's positive influence on sleep issues, it is crucial to note that other elements are in play. The most important ones have to do with dosage and potencies. According to an article from the Sleep Foundation website, THC can be intoxicating, resulting in increased activity. It is likely for some people to experience sedative effects when they use the cannabinoid in specific amounts.

CBD is the most influential active cannabinoid for relaxation and creating appropriate sleep conditions. Users report feeling intoxicated and abuzz with energy and activity when used in small amounts. The Sleep Foundation website advocates using high CBD doses to ensure you get the soothing effects. Using marijuana with high levels of CBD and THC can undermine sleep.

What Makes Cannabis Indica Different from Other Sleeping Aids?​

The legal grounds behind marijuana use have been shaky over the last couple of decades. The laws continue to pivot from prohibition, legalization, and gatekeeping for certain weed-related compounds. Though CBD is legal per the 2018 Farm Bill, THC is still illegal at the federal level. This aspect creates obstacles to the use of cannabis as a sleeping aid or in the treatment of any other condition.

The issue of legalization continues to impede the development of marijuana-based medications even in the current times. A review of weed-related medications reveals that only a few synthetic drugs mimic THC and CBD properties approved by the FDA. The FDA strictly controls the use of any cannabinoid as a treatment option.

Nevertheless, there has been research on how effective marijuana is as a sleeping aid. Users report more positive feedback when they take the products shortly before bed. In comparison to other sleeping aids, their main claim is pharmaceutical options have several side effects. Current FDA-approved over-the-counter medications have varying ingredients, with some containing opioids.

Regardless of their effectiveness in aiding sleep, these medications are sometimes addictive despite the adverse side effects. Some common side effects include addiction, increased tolerance, promotion of abuse, etc. There are other naturally available options, such as valerian and ginger roots. The research behind these sleeping aids is not yet sufficient.

With using Indica strains for sleep, professionals advise users to calibrate their dosage to their tolerance levels. The strain and potency one use influence how the weed affects the body. Too high THC, and you may not get any sleep. It is also advisable to consult a professional to get the appropriate calibrations for sleeping conditions.


Tips for Incorporating Indica into Your Sleep Routine​

Knowledge about Indica's sleep-inducing properties is useless if you will not know how to use it in your daily routine. Marijuana use for most people is not technical. They do not consider timing or anything other than the fact that they are ingesting marijuana.

In incorporating weed into your sleeping routine, timing is one of the most crucial things. You want to time the intake appropriately to coincide with when you will sleep. If you take it too early, you may doze off before bedtime, and too late will have you awake for hours.

Another essential aspect in the timing of marijuana ingestion is the type of product you are using. Weed exists in various products, from chocolates to gummies, vapes, oils, and tinctures. All these take different times to take effect once digested in the body. For instance, gummies take about 30 to 45 minutes for you to start feeling any effects. Smoking and vaping take effect immediately after you inhale the product.

In considering timing, one of the first things you can consider is what type of product you will be taking. It is better to take it 30 minutes to 1 hour before bed if it is edible. With smoking and vaping, you can use them while in bed or minutes before. Oils and tinctures usually take between 20-30 minutes to take effect and can hence be taken just before bed.

The other helpful tip is ensuring your products have an appropriate potency. You can consult a professional or adjust the levels according to how your body reacts. Starting small and increasing the strength as you see fit is the best way to navigate the situation.

Top Indica Cannabis Strains for Sleep and Relaxation​

In these modern times, you can find a strain for pretty much anything. There are weed strains for improved sexual stimulation, focus, boost energy, and even help with sleep issues. The following are sleep-inducing and relaxing Indica strains.

Pink Kush​

As the name alludes, Pink Kush flowers develop pink trichomes and hairs. It is a well-known Indica strain that is more suitable for experienced users. This distinction is because it contains high THC content of up to 35% in some plants. The CBD levels, on the other hand, are 1%. Regardless of its potency, Pink Kush is strong and effectively helps with sleep. It results in a relaxing body calmness that induces peaceful slumber.


If you are a beginner in the marijuana world, then this cannabis Indica is what you need. Harlequin is a unique variant with a 1:1 THC to CBD ratio. This combination helps with sleep because CBD counters the psycho-activeness of THC. The result is a sense of calm and ease in falling asleep.

Grape Ape​

Grape Ape is another strain that is suitable for experienced users. Its THC content ranges between 15 and 25%. Grape Ape's strong sedative effects come from its myrcene content. This terpene has soothing and anti-inflammatory properties, which induce sleep in the most experienced weed user.


Unlike the rest, this Indica has more CBD than THC. The CBD content can go as high as 20%, but the THC levels are between 1 and 6%. Users who smoke ACDC report feeling mental alertness and body relaxation. Though some people may not sleep with this effect, others can. With using cannabis for sleep or any other purpose, personal preference is all that matters.

Girl Scout Cookies​

Girl Scout Cookies are among the most potent Indica strains on the market. Its THC levels fluctuate between 25 and 30% from one plant to the next. Its soothing effect result from the high potency of caryophyllene and other terpenes. Even the most experienced user reports instantaneous sedative effects.


The use of marijuana to help with a range of symptoms has become very common. Marijuana users report the effectiveness of the buds in managing pain, helping with sleep, reducing anxiety, etc. Scientific research proves there is value in using Indica strains to help with symptoms. This assertion is because Indica has a relaxing effect on the body once ingested. There are a variety of strains to choose from, each with distinguishing potency and flavor features. As you select your appropriate one, think about your tolerance levels.

Denys Svirepchuk is the author behind this piece. With this article, he aimed to expound on the assumptions that certain marijuana types effectively dealt with sleep. With years of product reviews on his belly, Svirepchuk offers information that is helpful to readers. His experience and contribution to AskGrowers have proven invaluable over the years.
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