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[Football] How do we improve next season?


Jan 2, 2020
I'm a firm believer in the conveyor belt approach, but I wonder if it's now moving faster than even Mr. Bloom would have predicted? Even if we keep finding diamonds in the rough that truly make a difference, such as Caicedo, Mitoma and Ferguson, is it really sustainable if we don't get to keep them for at least two seasons in the club, preferably more? It's Moises' and Ferguson's first season, and Mitoma didn't break into the squad until October, and we all know the sharks are already circling.

Sure, the next generation with Kozlowski, Ayari, Gilmour, Enciso and Sarmiento (not to forget Moder and Alzate) already have their boots laced up, but is it reasonable to think that 2-3 of them will be able to step up and have the same incredible impact as the current crop of young starters? That's pretty much what it would take to be able to dream of European places next season again if we don't manage to keep hold of our gems (and yes, I'm considering Ali Mac to be more or less gone in the summer, and probably one or two more).

So weather we qualify for Europe or not, I do believe there has to be 2-3 first-team ready signings a lá Cucurella, Estupinan or Mwepu for us to be able to push on, and a comfortable mid-table finish next season would be a great result in my sometimes humble opinion.


Active member
Jan 5, 2023
Brighton has scored 46 goals in 25 EPL games so far, but I don't remember much our center forwards scored this kind of goals. It's a very good finish of Solly March, but we need one or two very good center forwards who can make us see this kind of scenes more often.


Feb 23, 2009
Preston Park
Most people may think "it's too early to talk about next season", but I can't help thinking about it:ascarf:

This season, Brighton is likely to finish 4th to 7th. If Brighton can improve further for next season, it means we can seriously target at winning Premier League 2023 - 2024 ;).

If there is a similar thread already, I want a moderator to delete this thread:blush:
Don’t sell any first team squad members👍


Aug 25, 2011
Withdean area
1. I'd love a pacey forward (great at finishing) in the squad, to run in behind organised defences.

Watching the CP game, there was an inviting 35 yards behind Andersen and Guehi almost the entire match. Got the impression that Gross and Mac A were poised to make that incisive pass to a runner, which never came after the March goal.

2. Sign Colwill.

Greg Bobkin

May 22, 2012
Either way, its a big summer for the recruitment team. Colwill will be gone in any case so thats the first position to fill. And of course the conveyor belt signings will continue - some young defenders would be useful, instead of always young forward players!

If we get Europe, 2 or so starter-ready acquisitions and trying to keep hold of Caicedo, Mac and Mitoma. For me the aim would be to try to get as far as possible in Europe and if the league form suffers as a result so be it (as long as we're not in the relegation mix).

If we don't get Europe, Caicedo and Mac Allister will be gone, maybe Sanchez too. It will be a big midfield rebuild, that is unlikely to be of the same quality, at least to begin with. How we cope with that will determine our season - our style of play is hugely reliant on breaking up play and quick transitions through midfield. Can Gilmour, Ayari, Kozlowski and Moder do that well enough?
I'm not so sure it's a clear cut as that and I think he could be the subject of a big bid by Brighton in the summer. Look at him on Wednesday night – slotted straight back in after injury and played a blinder (apart from one nonchalant moment when he miscontrolled the ball behind him and let a Palace fella through). Getting someone else in who plays that role (and De Zerbi's way) as well as that would a) be costly anyway and b) involve whoever it is having to learn to play that way. Colwill is a ready-made solution and I'm not sure he actually fits in at 'new' Chelsea with all their uberstars.

Although it could all be wishful, delusional thinking...


Feb 1, 2009
whilst i’d be fine with him playing week in week out for us and then retiring at 32, i’d imagine he’d want some say in that. realistically, if we get it right, when you look at the likes of benzema and lewandowski, evan could dominate (alongside haaland) for the next 15 years. i wouldn’t want us to over-exert him now and take that away from him
Agreed, we need to take reasonable care of the lad. I would imagine though, that it will be as much mentally draining fr im as physically. No reason we can't rely on him to be a rugular starter for us though, even if not a full 90 every single match.


Feb 25, 2009
Zabbar- Malta
Most people may think "it's too early to talk about next season", but I can't help thinking about it:ascarf:

This season, Brighton is likely to finish 4th to 7th. If Brighton can improve further for next season, it means we can seriously target at winning Premier League 2023 - 2024 ;).

If there is a similar thread already, I want a moderator to delete this thread:blush:

Only if we buy a £30 million striker ???

Lenny Rider

Well-known member
Sep 15, 2010
Out in Spain for a few days and bumped into my mate from Dublin in my local who told me in 2019 that Aaron Connolly was the new Robbie Keane, Ive told him he got mixed up, he’s the next Robbie Coltrane. 😂

But I fear Undav is another AC, all the plaudits but when the chips are down simply not at this level, so not for the first time a striker in the summer is the priority.


Oct 11, 2013
Seriously speaking, I think we need a "serious striker" / Center Forward.

Welbeck and Undav, they haven't scored enough at all. Ferguson is a very potential lad and I think he will keep improving but we can't expect 19 year old boy too much.
You're new here, but you're fitting in ever so well.
May 1, 2016
Oxton, Birkenhead
Sorry to dampen the mood but I just don’t think we can assume a continual upwards trajectory. Everything has fallen into place this season but consistently competing with the super rich would be enormously difficult. I would be happy if we won something and that is unlikely to be the PL.


Intending to survive this time of asset strippers
Oct 12, 2022
Might not. It is not always going to go upwards. I see a world where it will be a bit of a rebuild season with a bit of more transfer activity than usual. Doesn't have to be a bad thing in the long run but next season could be a bit more of a struggle.

I actually agree with this, with the caveat that it’s all going to depend on how much of our current squad we’re able to retain. (Plus no unlucky injuries of course)

If we can keep our first team, strengthen where RDZ sees fit, and get Moder back in, then I think we can perhaps do slightly better than this year. However, a lot of established teams have had erratic form this season, there’s no guarantee that will continue. We don’t win every battle in the transfer market either.

If we do lose first team players, and the supposed “top” teams cure their periodic wobbles next season, then I can see us playing just as well, but potentially ending the season with fewer points.

I back us for top ten next season right now, but there’s no guarantees as to who we’ll have lining up (or coaching us) when the summer transfer window SLAMS shut. I’m going to enjoy this season first before I worry too much about next.

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