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[Albion] How did the goalie not save Mitoma's header ....?


May 17, 2010
Maybe it has been discussed somewhere but I haven't seen it.

Whatever angle I look at yesterday's goal, it looks as if the goalie should have saved it reasonably comfortably. It looks a bit as if he was taken by surprise by Mitoma's position and had to dive backwards quite a distance to get to the ball. But even so, it wasn't a powerful header and he didn't have far to travel. Maybe his weight was also on the wrong foot when the header was made...

Any goalies out there who can explain...?

The Wizard

Jul 2, 2009
I thought he did well to even get a hand on it, for a keeper once you step the other way you simply don’t have enough time to balance your weight to move far enough the other day way.

It’s weird to try and explain in words but anyone who has played in goal probably knows once you step one way trying to dive the opposite way is nearly impossible and you just know you can’t stop it as soon as you take the step, terrible feeling.

Unlucky Neto, his shot stopping looked quite good but he was atrocious with the ball I thought, looked like a rabbit in the headlights

Joey Jo Jo Jr. Shabadoo

Why Did You Let It Bounce
Oct 4, 2003
He starts off by back peddling when the cross first comes in, then just as Mitoma heads it his weight is on the wrong foot, its only a split second but if you watch the clubs You Tube highlights, its clearly visible from the replay shown behind the goal. With the loop of Mitoma's header that probably makes it almost impossible for the keeper to now save it, he did well to get a hand on it, but because of the weight being on the wrong foot he can't get a big enough jump in to get a better hand on the ball.


US Seagull

Jul 17, 2003
Cleveland, OH
As others have said, he started off moving in the opposite direction and was back pedaling to try to get to it. If he'd changed direction a fraction of a second earlier he might well have tipped it on to the post.

I'll also add that I don't think he saw it until the last minute. His view was partially blocked by all the traffic in the box.

I wouldn't blame the keeper for that.

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