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[Albion] How are you getting to Rome?


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May 17, 2010
Flight to Pisa for us from Stanstead on the Wednesday at noon

Stay in Pisa Wednesday night, saves rushing for train.

Train to Rome Thursday morning

Pick up tickets, 🍺 🍷 and 🍕 then game

Thursday night in rome

Train to Pisa on Friday

Flight back Friday afternoon

Originally booked flights to Rome but then got email , after paying, saying booking cancelled!

Absolute joke, although now it’s actually worked out better, the system is a farce.
Six of us on the same flights as you. But heading to Rome Wednesday evening.


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Jul 30, 2011
On the Border
I think people understand them but don't agree with them. Price advertised should be the price you pay at the till. It's criminal that they get to say "sorry, we've changed the price of that whilst you were jumping through the hoops of navigating pages upon pages of add-ons."
Its a bit like picking an album off the shelf in a record store priced at £30, and while you talk a stroll to the counter, 5 more people pick up the same album, and when you get to the till, the price is now £60.

I don't have a problem with the pricing, but the price should be the price when you hit the buy button, and the practice of throwing you out once you have entered a card number and hit pay should be outlawed.


Oct 3, 2006
Burgess Hill
LGW to Milan, train to Rome, two nights in the City of Love, train to Milan, flight back. £334.

5 of us have an apartment about a mile from the city centre. Should be fun.

Colonel Mustard

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Jun 18, 2023
that's really disgusting. I know supply demand yadda yadda economics, but on a pure human level disgusting.
That's contradictory. and a little naive. There's not really any such thing as "supply demand yadda yadda economics," Economics IS supply and demand. Why would a business like EasyJet sell flights for £40 each if there were suddenly far more potential customers than seats available? If you had an old banget that you decided to sell for £300 and someone told you that actually it's a rare special edition worth £3,000 would you do the 'human' thing and sell for £300 or take what the market was willing to give you? I suspect the latter!


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Aug 16, 2015
Out Tuesday morning from Gatwick, back Friday.
Got kicked out of Easyjet like others and had to rebook in a sweary panic of click click type click without thinking or checking.

Luckily we must have just won the fastest finger first (sorry @Bozza ), as we managed £40ish each leg, plus 2 seats together each way = £191 total. Must have been the last seats at that price - checked straight after getting the confirmation screen and prices had already shot up.

Not smug, just relieved - it's been a shit couple of months for me so it was nice to have something go right for a change. Sorry for those who weren't so lucky - flight pricing's crap for 'event' situations like this. Hope everyone who wants to go gets there somehow.

Now the booking stress is over it's finally sinking in. In just over ten days we'll be heading out for 3 nights in Rome. Always wanted to go there. And with Albion playing ROMA ffs. What a season.

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