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[Albion] Home game v Man Utd moved to 2pm on Mothering Sunday.


Sep 1, 2017
Deepest, darkest Sussex


Apr 11, 2011
Annoying as I was going to take my mum on the Saturday as an early mothers day treat but neither of us can do the Sunday :( Will have to think of another present now!

fly high

Aug 25, 2011
in a house
Take your mum to football day
I think I last took her in 2019 for Christmas fixture, used to be a tradition at Christmas but she's 94 in a couple of weeks & not so mobile now. I'm sure she'd love to go but really not up to it so unless it's postponed for FA Cup then looks like I'll have to miss it. Mum comes first, especially at her age. Just hope if we get to the QF our match isn't picked for the Sunday anyway.
:drink:The way things are going we could end up with a sizeable fixture backlog - Palace (H) and Bournemouth (A) to be rearranged, Newcastle (A) - (very probable, League Cup Final). As mentioned, Man Utd and/or us progressing in the FA Cup.

I think the fans who go to these rearranged jobs should be given double the allocated loyalty points because of the buggeration factor involved.


Mar 15, 2020
Subject to FA Cup - if either Brighton or Man Utd get through to the QFs that will be on the same weekend and the PL game will be postponed.
Game will be moved , the FA have already arranged for United to be drawn at home against the winners of Luton vs Grimsby and then the lowest ranked team after that.


Jan 19, 2018
Mid mid mid Sussex
Never understand why people are forced to take their mum out on one day of the year, a manufactured day with ramped up flower and card costs.
Just take her out the week before or after or in between!
Unless you are 5 years old, it isn’t important.
...and if you are the father of a (roughly) 5 year old...?
May 12, 2009
My mum will be FURIOUS that I am unable to come round with a BOX of chocolates (cadbury, only the best for Mum) and FLOWERS (Asda).

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