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May 1, 2016
Oxton, Birkenhead
Hopefully I have a few friends on here so this is to explain my recent absence from NSC. In late October I had two seizures in the middle of the night. We had paramedics, the fire brigade, the full emergency service. I spent 6 weeks in ICU, had a tracheostomy and feeding tubes and was hooked up to an oxygen machine.It was all touch and go for a while.After what happened last year it was obviously traumatic for the family. I realized how serious it all was when I lost interest in the Albion. My wife visited every day and set up the commentary for the games we were missing and I found myself not caring. Can you imagine that ? We had tickets for the game at Anfield which I had been looking forward to. I was proud of my daughters for going to the game and watched the video they made for me last night. I was first able to hold a phone a couple of days ago and a little disappointed that we had missed the windows for tickets at Old Trafford and Goodison. Brilliant news though that my daughter had bought us tickets for Old Trafford when I was in a coma :) Pretty punchy considering it could have gone either way ! Definitely something to work towards with my physiotherapy.
Anyway, there is purpose to this story. I now find typing quite difficult and end up with about 12 m’s in half my words. This post has taken a long time to write ! I’m not planning on being a very prolific poster anymore and traveling down for home games has suddenly become impossible as I can’t drive for a very long time.
Take care of yourselves and don’t stress about anything. It’s not worth it. Also be thankful about our wonderful nursing, specialist consultant staff and everyone else in our wonderful NHS.
Up the Albion !


Feb 21, 2005
Wow. I do hope you are able to make a full recovery and that your outstanding post can help the rest of us put things in a proper perspective.

Very best wishes to you.


Raleigh Chopper

Sep 1, 2011
All the best to you, a nice post.
But I cannot agree with you about the NHS I am afraid.
Over the past 5 years concerning my Mother, my Father, my sister in law and so many people I have spoken to have had or are having a terrible time under the NHS.
I am talking about from seeing a GP, getting the correct diagnosis, testing and waiting for results, getting onto a ward and the basic level of care when you do get on a ward.
I will not give details but as a family we have had a dreadful time because of total negligence.
My Father's recent experience in a Sussex hospital was a horror story.
I am not anti NHS, I fully understand all the issues and the problems and to a certain extent I sympathise, but nevertheless I have far too much experience and evidence from many people that the NHS (when dealing with the circumstances I have outlined) is far from wonderful.


Jul 15, 2009
Haywards Heath
That's a very moving post, [MENTION=34242]Neville's Breakfast[/MENTION].

I'm so glad to hear you're getting better and your family are looking after you mate. Make sure they do everything you need! :thumbsup:

I've been anaemic for a few years now on and off. It stops me going to football in the winter but I don't miss the trains, the queueing, the cold, rain, sleet and snow! The heating on and a big packet of popcorn is great while watching the football on TV. :wink:

Take care and I hope you continue your recovery!

Publius Ovidius

Jul 5, 2003
at home
All the very best mate. Glad to hear your story and the fantastic care you were given.

I cannot agree more about the NHS. I am still here because of the skill and care provided by the Sussex County and of course my fabulous daughter who qualified through the NHS a and saved my life.

Taker care mate.


Aug 30, 2011
All the very best to you sir.

May have been a blessing missing some of the recent games as it hasn't been great for anyone's health at times, quite the rollercoaster.

Have a great Christmas with your family.

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