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[Football] Have we blown it?


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Dec 21, 2011
It's not the Everton result, it's the injuries, particularly on the right. If Veltman and March are available for some of the last five, I would be far more confident. It's a huge ask to expect youngsters and those playing out of position to step up against the top three teams in the league. Asking them to do that whilst playing five games in fourteen days is monumental.

It was sad to see the usually bullish RDZ allowing some fatalism into his press conference. He knows the size of the task and I'm guessing he also knows that the chances of getting players back from injury are probably less than the chances of losing yet more. As I said in another thread, it's all feeling a bit post Hillsborough play off semi final.


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Sep 28, 2011
I suspect we will win one and draw another of the 4 games against the top teams.
Next weekend's results are the ones that matter, IMO.

hart's shirt

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Jul 8, 2003
Kitbag in Dubai

We've been better than Villa for the majority of the season and were clearly better than Spurs in our recent game.

The better teams generally finish higher in the table, so as bad a blip as Everton was, it's just a bump in the road to Europe.

With 15 points to play for, there's every reason to stay confident that we'll make it.


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Apr 9, 2012
Back in February and March there were clear weeks for us, Newcastle and Man City.

We had no midweek games for about 7 weeks in a row until we played Bmth.

Leaving them all to May was madness


I changed this.
Jul 28, 2011
I don't know if I'm being a too "little old Brighton" with this but I never expected to be this far up the table at this stage of the season. Especially with the gutting of the club early on.

Sure, it'll be a bit disappointing to miss out given how well we've played and how, despite the early season turmoil, we've noticeably and measurably improved but...finishing top 10 is enough for me.

Saying we're one of the 10 best teams in the entire country? Not too shabby. Not too shabby at all.

So whatever happens between now and when the final whistle is blown against Villa I personally won't think we've blown anything.

Kalimantan Gull

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Aug 13, 2003
Central Borneo / the Lizard
Back in February and March there were clear weeks for us, Newcastle and Man City.

We had no midweek games for about 7 weeks in a row until we played Bmth.

Leaving them all to May was madness
Yeah, but it's not only us who have a load of games as a result, it's Newcastle and City too and they might also be tired/ resting players. One can but hope
Anything can happen really.

We might surprise ourselves by picking up points againt Arsenal, Newcastle and/or City... but then again we could implode against Southampton.

I personally think we're gonna miss out, sadly... squad is too thin, too many fixtures, most of which are difficult.

Let's just take it one game at a time and get behind the team.
This is how I feel but am a bit negative due to the hangover

barbus_max bhafc

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Dec 12, 2021
Have a horrid feeling our Euro chances are going down to the final game of the Season at Villa - I sincerely hope not but our squad is looking a bit depleted now with those key injuries. Praying for the miracle to happen this afternoon🤞

Change of tune on here. Was berated for saying the other day that we may not win another game.

IMO, the Spurs match may well prove to be the defining moment. Win that and all we need now is 2 points. I came away from the game feeling like I did after Middlesbrough, disappointed and frustrated with refereeing. I felt then that not only was justice not done, but that the result may well be crucial. It is particularly tough as Spurs fans don’t even value 6/7th.

I am preparing myself for the consolation that like 2016/17 it will come right subsequently, and perhaps we are not ready. But still very much in this; couple of bits of luck and solid performances may well be enough.
Good post.

portlock seagull

Why? Why us?
Jul 28, 2003
So much at stake for us now. We should be having time of our lives but our success brings an enormous problem. Other clubs disrespect is nauseating, they talk as if they already own players, the manager etc. As if just one phone call is all it takes. Impossible to maintain the churn. Continually replacing entire management and other back staff teams, plus several key players twice a season, every season, and trying to finish top 7 is beyond realistic. One shot at it, like the Cup final the other week, and that’s all. Before inevitable. It’s shite. Really is. Whatever happened to FFP?!

That said, Neal Maupay is now on for Everton, to try and claw back a 2 nil deficit versus City. All of the above is a nice problem to have really!! :)

Tom Hark Preston Park

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Jul 6, 2003
As long as the season doesn't pan out into a repeat of that pathetic capitulation to Newcastle in the
I would agree if we did not have so many injuries
players look tired, I expect a quiet end to the season
If reports are true, the players have just been on the beach. So should be a bit refreshed for One Last Push. Let's hope so, eh?

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