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[Football] Has Graham Bitten Off More Than He Can Chew?

Harry Wilson's tackle

Harry Wilson's Tackle
Oct 8, 2003
Ben Roberts needs to earn his salt

You’re a weirdo btw, you refuse to piss on people when they’re on fire! refusing to shit on them is just wrong
Salt, you say? Ben Roberts, you say? Feel free to sprinkle.



Mar 5, 2011
Totton (Nr Southampton)
wonder what excuse old GPott will come out with this time? Chelsea don’t need to worry, he normally wins again in Feb so not long to wait now! Still he does have the hardest gig in football apparently!

A mex eyecan

Nov 3, 2011
Can’t wait to read the #potterout tonight - it’s as guilty a pleasure as AFTV after an Arsenal loss. Entitled fans’ ‘opinions’ are the common denominator!
its such a secretive pleasure, almost as bad as the other half catching me watching pornhub

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