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Happy Birthday to the Italian Stallion

Uncle Spielberg

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Jul 6, 2003
Happy Birthday to the Italian Stallion, Sly Stallone. This screeen LEGEND is 62 today. What greatness he has brought to the big screen from John Rambo and the 1st film which was superb to the mindless violence of parts 2-4 and Rocky whose films are part of cinema history with part 1 being superb but part 6 actually becoming the greatest Rocky film of the lot, who'd have thought.

An Oscar nomination for Rocky and then a glorious career with the odd comedy tangent like Oscar and Stop or my MOM will shoot being a rare misfire. He came back with a tour de force performance as a fat good cop in Copland. This guy can act when he chooses to, his voice and demeanor is not quite Pacino or De Niro but he can act.

Here's looking forward to Rocky 7-12 and Rambo 5-9 over the next decade.

Ladies and Gentleman I give you

Sylvester Stallone

He was in Woody Allen's 'Bananas', long before becoming famous, in a walk-on part as a tubeway mugger.

Yours truly rode a horse in the hills overlooking the velley where his house is/was, and in all the wild countryside there sat a nicely groomed and flat polo field! Nice to be able to host the top competitors in your favourite entertainment in your own back-yard.
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