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[Albion] Guardian Season Preview 2020-21: Albion Prediction Finish Position: 16th

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Music City Gull

Not Changing This, Bozza
Jun 28, 2020
12 South
OK, so doesn't really reflect the view of the writer of the article, Ed Aarons, whose view is generally positive but...

'Guardian writers’ predicted position: 19th (NB: this is not necessarily Ed Aarons’s prediction but the average of our writers’ tips)'



(Thanks for the link though!)


Jul 5, 2003
I do find it bizarre that they automatically put us in the relegation spots every year, when we've only ever spent 1 week in 18th and never been in the bottom two in our 3 years in the Prem. Even before lockdown the signs were there that we were adapting to how Potter wanted us to play and I think this season will see a lot of that hard work come to fruition. With the addition of the experience of Veltman and Lallana to the team I can see a 11th-15th finish this season.

Icy Gull

Back on the rollercoaster
Jul 5, 2003
The media’s radar operates way higher than our lowly level.
Aug 6, 2011
Bognor Regis
I'm reassured by how wrong these experts forecasts are every season.
Sheff Utd and Brighton were nailed on for relegation last season with Watford and Bournemouth both pushing for top ten finishes.

However I will be even more reassured if we can get a decent forward added to our squad.
Maupay will again be fine, and Trossard and Connolly will both chip in but we need additional goals from midfield and from a proven striker.

Dick Knights Mumm

Take me Home Falmer Road
Jul 5, 2003
Hither and Thither
FourFourTwo have us as 14th. FWIW Villa, Fulham, WBA for the drop.

This is the first season I’d predict us out of the bottom three. If your beat is say the northwest, and you know more about those clubs it’s easy to see how someone just puts us down. Perhaps they don’t think we’ll land a big striker.
A bit of lazy journalism - but with no marquee centre forward I can see why we are tipped so lowly.

As a fan it is frustrating that we are really great as a club for nurturing defenders but poor at the other end of the pitch - year in year out. Maupay, Connolly & Trossard won’t propel us to mid table+ surely?


Anyone seen Florence?
Jul 8, 2003
Season after season we never seem to be willing or able to recruit all the strikers we need. Let's hope this time round we get one or two strikers signed up before the new campaign starts. I fear the Guardian may be right about our final position in the table without these additions.


Jan 27, 2014
I don't think that is a terrible review and probably about right a 13th place finish with the squad as it is now but the addition of another striker to compliment Maupay could see an even higher finish

Icy Gull

Back on the rollercoaster
Jul 5, 2003
I do think we’ll struggle again through lack of goals if we don’t find another ready made PL quality striker. It could make the difference to being lower mid table and a relegation scrap. As things stand at the moment a relegation scrap is more likely imo.

But if we continue to try and play Potterball I can live with a relegation scrap and hopefully enjoy it as much as last season. The elusive top quality striker may well elude us again this season imo.

Hugo Rune

Feb 23, 2012

Ed Aarons is a Palace fan by the way.

That’ll be it.

The article does not really explain why we are going down next season other than to state that we need more goals this season.

I don’t recall the moments last season where it seemed Hughton might have been a better bet and I certainly didn’t think we were thinking relegation is inevitable after Palace beat us.


Oct 1, 2017
The only 2 other such previews available have Arsenal in 6th and Villa in 15th.

Very lazy predictions from the journalists. Villa, who stayed up by the skin of their teeth and were dire to watch most of the season, minus 26 GD, and who have signed no-one in this transfer window, predicted overall to finish 4 places higher than us. I'm sure solely because they're just a bigger name than us rather than actually looking at the two clubs in any depth

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