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[Albion] Gary hart

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True story:

About three years ago I employed someone to work on my team who lived in Bishops Stortford. He was (and still is, though I've moved on we stay in touch) a good bloke and very into his sport, particularly football and horse racing. We'd often do trips away to client site together and go running and then sink a few beers afterwards.

During the course of these conversations he told me he had five children, all daughters and that one of them was just getting into playing football. It turned out she was pretty good and was going to try out for Bishops Stortford FC. She got in and fairly soon it became clear that they needed a manager at his daughter's age level. Matey volunteered, got the job and did his badges. Then one day we were in the office.

Him - I've got a new coach working with me and the girls
Me - (half interested) oh yeah?
Him - Yes, and he used to play for Brighton
Me - (now very interested) what's his name?
Him - Gary Hart
Me - tell him I said he's a legend

Over the next few times we had post work beers we filled in the bits around this story for each other. Gary was a club coach at Bishops Stortford but also had a step daughter who was in the same age group as my colleague's daughter and therefore helped out with coaching them too. In return I supplied stories of his legendary escapades in the stripes (and turning up for £1000 and a set of tracksuits).

I left the job six months ago so cannot confirm the status after Covid, but certainly before it OGH was living on the Essex and Hertfordshire border and coaching (but no mention made of Glenn Hoddle).

He's still with Bishops Stortford, as far as I know.

Cowfold Seagull

Fan of the 17 bus
Apr 22, 2009
Leek being a BHA outpost so games like Crewe,PVFC,Rotherham etc you get my drift and would go along with one or two neutrals again and again they would simple say 'why is he playing for Brighton he is far better should be playing much higher level. Class player.

Don't get me wrong, l liked Gary Hart too, but l think Brighton was about his level.

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