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[Albion] Free Referee Radios

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Tom Hark Preston Park

Lost to the vultures
Jul 6, 2003
Free Referee Radios

Is this a what3words thing? Is OP incapacitated on remote moorland somewhere? Should NSC contact the emergency services?


Moving further North...
Feb 19, 2006
I presumed that it is the same thing that you can hire at Twickenham rugby matches - a radio whereby you can hear the referee (and officials) communicate. Helps with understanding complex on-pitch decisions when you are sat in the stands.

I am not so fussed about it at the match itself - however I do think that TV should have access to this.
Aug 6, 2011
Bognor Regis
I put it as my first choice on the fan survey.

It would be helpful if they started by allowing referees the opportunity to explain their decision making after the game.

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