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[Albion] For those gluttons of punishment amongst you

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Mar 7, 2009
Thank god they didn't add Connolly's miss against Brom otherwise it really would be embarrassing.


Feb 20, 2004
a galaxy far far away
Just watched that through for the second time (reaching for the single malt)

Connolly's miss v Spurs the worst.

But for sheer weight of numbers, Maupay. What a shocking season he has had.

But this video could have been about 5 times longer.

It doesn't show any of Bissouma's balloons and I think just one of Trossard's Trundlers. Webby gets of quite lightly as well as I can think of at least 3 other inept headers that went nowhere near. Wellbeck is consistent in his ungainly finishing with boot and head.

It's obvious that they need heading practice and a lot of it, but i'm not sure you can suggest that these days


Jan 3, 2018
six feet beneath the moon...
Got to laugh really. The penalties are especially unforgivable.

But I wonder if this is our own bias here. I’m sure we could easily put together a similar miss showreel for other teams.

Not one that goes on for 4 and a half minutes.

Also given the fact that the person who originally made the video doesn't support us and still saw fit to make a compilation of our misses.

I think we are just *that* bad....:nono:


Aug 31, 2017
That hurt to watch.

I got about two and a half minutes in, thought “at least it must be nearly over” and then realised I was only around the halfway point.

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