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*** FootyAid 2008 - REMF and CFH Charity Gig - Thank You and The Money ***

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Thank you to everyone who helped with the marvellous night.

98 people paid for tickets, so £980 was generated on ticket sales.
£255 was raised on the auctions and a £20 donation

After the costs we have raised £1075 for REMF and Coaching for Hope.

We are still to work out the split to the charities, but it is pretty healthy sum of money raised

So thanks to everyone who contributed, especially to Richie Morris on his marvellous comedy routine

Also thanks to:
Amy Blackburn
Daniel Beales
The Late Greats
Dave Andrews and
David Ford










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The in augural FootyAid charity gig took place on Saturday 13th September 2008. The gig hosted 3 comedy sketches, 1 stand up comedy routine, and 3 musical acts, headlined by the acclaimed singer song writer, David Ford.

A 100 strong audience filled the Audio night club on Brighton’s seafront. The comedians included Hastings Richie Morris, as well as Brighton based comedy duo of Amy Blackburn and Daniel Beale.

The music kicked off with solo artist Dave Andrews and included the Late Greats of Eastbourne. The curtain fell to the great tunes of David Ford who gave great live renditions of songs from his first two albums, as well as a selection of 70s cover songs.

The night kicked off with George W Bush, giving a presidential speech to the audiene, before air hostess Fiona McGonnigal took care of the crowd on their flight to Palma, Majorca.

It was Richie Morris up next, with only his second appearance on stage, managed to wow the vibrant crowd with some great out looks on various groups of people.

Dave Andrews kicked off the music, with his own material, which included the rare instrument, the French Horn.

Patrick Moore did a Sky at night report, before the crowd were treated to an energetic performance from The Late Greats.

Leeds based most famous medium, Les Ball and Tina Cock, took to the stage, before it was tome for the headline act, David Ford.

Ford with his army of followers, managed to get the attention of the whole crowd, and wowed them with his amazing lyrics, vocals and capability to play a huge array of unique instruments as well as his custom built piano, and many guitars.

By the end of the show, the whole crowd were singing along to his classic song, Shut Up You Miserable F**k, before the show ended to a racous reception.

The show put on by Hove Lawns FC and hosted by their striker, Brett Mendoza raised a total of £1075 for charity. The money being split between the two sports based charities, The Robert Eaton Memorial Fund and Coaching for Hope.

The night also auctioned off a signed Fatboy Slim Hawaiian shirt, signed Sussex CCC cricket bat, as well as a signed Ricky Hatton boxing glove and a red England 66 shirt signed by World Cup final goal scorers, Geoff Hurst and Martin Peters.


Nov 18, 2003

Just in case anyone is interested David Ford is playing at the Komedia tonight. It's his book tour so it will be a mix of him reading his book "How I nearly made it in the music industry" and songs.


Jul 1, 2011
I've got a gig miles away, this time in Liverpool as part of my next tour. Will give it a big plug on Sat though, and have made my donation. All the bets to everyone taking part and please slaughter Palace (who I shall be watching get relegated at Sheff Wed if this Saturday's results go the right way!!)

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