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Finished Amex

Albion and Premier League latest from Sky Sports


Jul 9, 2011
Are there any artists out there that can give us some idea what the Amex will look like after the capacity increase is finished.?

Doc Lynam

I hate the Daily Mail
Jun 19, 2011

Maybe like this in the end.


Jul 19, 2003
I nicked that drawing off another site. (That's all I took, I dont know anything about any ipad).

That was mine from!

I am here: Google Maps
Sent on the back of an elephant across the African planes, before being placed on the roof of a decidedly dodgy van to be carried up into Europe where finally Jose will stuff it inside a pinata to be carried to England were he logs on to the Internet and posts said drivel. The end


Jul 14, 2003
And then again maybe not. The roof can't be changed wo there will only be two tiers on the east stand.

Our roof can be changed if needed in the future, but at a cost. This was mentioned right at the beginning I am sure.
May 12, 2009
The roof will never change and nor will it need to, 30,000 will be more than enough for us and if installing anout 8,000 seats is costing us £14m can you magine what taking the roof off again would cost?

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