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[Misc] Fifa 21

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Jan 13, 2010
BGC Manila
Anyone playing this year? I had 19 and did the Ultimate Team thing (without spending a penny on packs) and quite enjoyed it. Was Div 2 in Rivals etc.

This year having skipped 20, I'm massively struggling having promoted from div 8 to div 7. Expect I have some finer controls to master and make the mistake of trying to play football as opposed to stroll down the middle and score same exact goal over and over like every opponent.

I'd like to get better though and there's proper co-op in it this year so wondering how others are finding the gane, maybe we can use thread for some discussion and if any chill players on PS4 are interested in teaming up sometime I'll post my tag or happily add people.

Cheers :albion2:

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