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[Albion] Ferguson or Welbz vs Leicester?

Who should start vs Leicester?

  • Fergie

    Votes: 59 76.6%
  • Welbz

    Votes: 18 23.4%

  • Total voters
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Cowfold Seagull

Fan of the 17 bus
Apr 22, 2009
Great goal by Danny yesterday, but what a contribution young Ferguson is making! Amazed how at 18 how confident and composed he looks.

Could he even morph into that regular number 9 goalscorer we have missed since Murray retired?



Passports at the ready
Jun 20, 2021
Keep it as it is. Welbeck super sub, once Ferguson has duffed them up.

Oh, I think he should be Big Ferg, not Fergie


Jan 3, 2014
Simple, welbeck was the last player to score, rinse and repeat. Welbeck doesn’t impact the game bring on Fergie. Keeps both pushing/challenging/happy for their place and on and on. Get the best of both of them. It’s fair!

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