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[Albion] Fed up with "positives" to take from games


He's Magic.... You Know
Jan 7, 2006
Two great blocks/saves from Nick Pope in the first half, otherwise it would have been 2-0 or 3-0 at half-time. Maupay very disappointing today, never plays the final pass through when others are in a lot better positions than what he is, obviously well publicised the falling out him and Ryan had last weekend but it seems it’s ten players plus Maupay who played this evening.


Sep 14, 2019
Nothing to worry about, must win games only take effect from mid-April. We'll soon be turning performances into points.....

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Top banana
Jul 21, 2011
I think the premier league might be above Potter and his two puppets on the sidelines. Wonder if he learnt from yet another dire game


Oct 30, 2010
BC, Canada
Let's see how we do between now and the end of the year.

I am though, convinced Potter is out of his depth based on our total 2020 results and team/sub selections.
He will crack under the pressure imo and it wont be pretty into 2021.

Good luck everyone, it's gonna be a rough one.

Birdie Boy

Jun 17, 2011
But at least Potter would have learnt something from this and we go again.
I would like to think he will but I doubt it. He will change the starting team again, he will do a late sub again and plenty more things again.
Will the players learn from this?


May 17, 2017
I’m losing faith in Potter. I can see we have made great strides but we just simply don’t win football matches.

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