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[Misc] Favourite Sussex Churches


Jun 6, 2020
Although I do not have a favourite church, I vote for any of them that are next to old public houses.

Are there many that fit that criteria within Sussex?

Cheshire Cat

The most curious thing..
Clayton Church. Got married there. Small and just fitted in all the guests.
Mention also to Albourne where we scattered my fathers ashes.
On the sad side, more modern churches being demolished for houses. In Uckfield we have one in Framfield Road and I saw in Polegate a huge church being sold.
Jan 4, 2021
Edburton. Lovely little church tucked under the downs just past the Shepherd & Dog at Fulking. On the wall is the list of names lost to the two world wars. On it there is the name "Baker" 3 times. A mother and father of the village lost 3 of their 4 sons to World War 1. Albert Baker being the only boy to survive. Similar to Saving Private Ryan.

Lest we forget :-
James Baker (Farm Carter who joined the Royal Sussex Regiment then the East Kent Regiment).
Samuel Baker (Royal Sussex Regiment).
William Baker (Royal Sussex Regiment).

There is also the name James Lucas twice. Once for 1914-18 conflict and again for 1939-45 conflict. Uncle and nephew.
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sams dad

I hate Palarse
Feb 7, 2004
The Hill of The Gun
Is the church next to the cricket ground?
I was trying to think of a nice village church that is next to a cricket ground, I did think it was Chiddingly.

Yes, the very picturesque cricket ground is next to the church, with the pub a very short distance away.
An added bonus is that Richard, the pub manager, is an Albion fan.


mostly tinpot
Aug 13, 2013
St Swithun's Church in East Grinstead. I used to work close by and when things were getting on top I would go and sit in there for a bit of mindfulness. I'm not the least bit religious or spiritual but the cool stony silence in the middle of that busy little town was perfect for a quiet reset. In 15 years I never once shared that space with another human being!

bn9 bha

Jul 14, 2013
Yes, the very picturesque cricket ground is next to the church, with the pub a very short distance away.
An added bonus is that Richard, the pub manager, is an Albion fan.

Went there when my youngest lad played for Newhaven youth team.
Picture the scene, warm summers evening, cricket match in a stunning village setting next to a church.
Some parents of players in the Chiddingly team turned up and set up a picnic table and chairs, they had a nice checkered tablecloth, they unpacked their hamper and also had wine and glasses.

I was sitting nearby on my drinks crate with a bit of plywood fitted to the top ( you probably have got one ) swigging a bottle of Coke and eating a bag of crisps. :)

West Hoathly Seagull

Honorary Ruffian
Aug 26, 2003
St Margaret's, West Hoathly, which is my local church and where I go regularly, is clearly a favourite. It dates from 1090, so is among the older churches in Sussex. It also has a wonderful view from the churchyard over towards the Lewes Gap. We even had breeding barn owls in the tower one year, and would go and watch them in the evening, listening to the haunting noise they make in the dusk - an amazing sight and sound. For anyone who wants a church right next to a pub, the Cat Inn is just across the road.

All Saints, Patcham holds a special place in my heart, as I was baptised there. It was also where Paul Whelch (Falmer for All and Seagulls over London) was given his send off. A fine man who did a lot for the Albion, and unknown to me when I knew him, had a very strong Christian faith, which came to the fore in his funeral service.

As several have mentioned, Southease is a lovely little church, in a very tranquil location. Another beauty is St Peter's, Upper Beeding. The church itself is a fine building, but I have never seen a display of snowdrops like the one in the churchyard there (they grow well at Southease too, but not to the extent of Upper Beeding).

A favourite town church of mine is St Mary's, Horsham. It sits at the end of Horsham's best preserved and oldest street, the Causeway, and looks out over the cricket ground. I know Arundel Castle is rightly held to be the most beautiful cricket ground in Sussex (and I think it features on world lists), but the Horsham ground, where I've seen Sussex a few times, must run it close with the backdrop of the church overlooking the ground, surrounded by woodland. You can easily forget that you are 5 minutes from the centre of one of Sussex's largest towns.

By the way, some have mentioned St Giles churches. Many churches with that dedication will once have been leper churches, as he was the patron saint of lepers.


Jan 20, 2010
Doing a recce for Sunday’s Arundel Triathlon I came across this 11c Church. St. Leonard’s in South Stoke on the banks of the Arun in a world of its own just a mile and a half from the Black Rabbit.
The 18thC Rectory behind it is my dream house.



Sep 30, 2006
Burgess Hill
All Saints in Lindfield sits in a lovely spot at the top of High St, has a list of vicars going back 1,000 years, has been beautifully modernised inside and my Mums ashes are scattered in the grounds.

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