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Apr 18, 2004
St. Anmore

I am working on a new sports charity challenge, launching later this year, called Gold Challenge. The basic premise is that members of the public sign up to raise money for charity by completing as many Olympic disciplines as possible.

I'm working on getting all the sports bodies onboard and we're also seeking charities to sign up as partners and buy places on the challenge. I wondered if this might be something REMF would be interested in?

Bare bones of it are that £2500+vat buys 100 places on the Gold Challenge. Our initial research suggests around £1000 per place being a realistic fundraising expectation and the charity keeps 80% of that amount. The rest goes back to Gold Challenge to cover overheads and any excess is driven back into grass-roots sport.

Let me know if you think this could be of interest to the REMF.


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