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[Albion] Fans Forum


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Jan 12, 2014
There are only so many questions you can ask every year. What we really want to know is about transfers and contracts but obviously that's off limits. That's why you get questions to the CEO and RDZ about the unavailability of lactose free milk.
If someone on here is going, please ask about how we change the pre match routine INCLUDING binning off Hey Jude! Thanks in advance.


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Apr 9, 2012
Don’t see the point of an end of season forum. RDZ will just be grumpy and talk about how many injuries we had this season and that’s about it.

Terry Butcher Tribute Act

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Aug 18, 2013
Is this a new event? I don't remember us ever having one before?

I think fans forums are a total waste of time typically, but the timing of this is strange. Hard not to think it will coincide with an announcement on his future, either leaving us or signing a new contract (unlikely).

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