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[Albion] Facundo Buonanotte - SIGNED for 1.8 billion pesos

Albion my Albion

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Feb 6, 2016
Indiana, USA
All very good guesses. But the answer is:

A pipe of pringles
What looked like a multi pack of mini cheddars (or similar)
And a tub of ice cream.

It used to be my daily brekkie.


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Nov 19, 2017
I was behind our 19 year old wunderkind in the queue at Tesco in Hove yesterday. Anyone want to guess what 3 items the young professional athlete was getting for his dinner?
A bottle of vodka, a rustlers burger and a packet of benson and hedges?


Anti-greed coalition
Jul 20, 2003
Alphabites, turkey twizzlers and beans. Box of mini milks and a can of Fanta.

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