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[Albion] Facundo Buonanotte - SIGNED for 1.8 billion pesos


Jan 3, 2018
six feet beneath the moon...
So he is 17......what else does it say ???

What's that mean? I get the gist, 4m dollars for a 17 year old


Brighton offered $4,000,000 for Facundo Buonannote. As it is minor, he intends to acquire it now and leave it until the end of the year.
Rosario Central wants more money for the talented 17-year-old.

don't think we could bring him here now even if we wanted to due to FIFA rules on transfers of u18 players

HP Seagull

Danny Cullip: Hero
Sep 26, 2008
What's that mean? I get the gist, 4m dollars for a 17 year old

I think it says we want to sign him and loan him back to the end of the year. And that they want more money.


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Jul 24, 2013
Attacking midfielder.

Edot: Beaten to it.

Edit: I meant edit not edot.


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Sep 1, 2017
Deepest, darkest Sussex
Honestly Béchamel Moussaka is sounding more and more plausible with every new rumour


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Apr 23, 2015
Shoreham Beaaaach
Buonannote = Goodnight if my very limited foreign speak is right.

Any reason to post a gratuitous photo of his mum


Postman Pat

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Jul 24, 2007
This Saturday's victory at the Giant over the Trucker returned the smile to Central and Carlos Tevez. The auriazul coach spoke after the game and was measured when analyzing his team's game, although he couldn't help but praise Facundo Buonanotte and compare him to the captain of the national team. "The brake and when it accelerates it reminds me a lot of Messi," he said about the 17-year-old kid who ate up the pitch.

I haven't seen a boy play like that for a long time, that gives me so much pleasure, and that I watch a lot of football . Facu has a great mentality, he doesn't seem to be 17 years old," he said.

In turn, he added: “He is at a very high level, one thinks that he has no ceiling, it is where he wants to go . Today he is physically impeccable”.

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