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[Albion] FA Cup 3rd round draw - Monday (Anfield)

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Can't get excited knowing the railway twats have fucked up another game home or away, resulting in lower pay days for the small clubs
At the risk of being bear pitted, the railway companies and unions wanted to meet, but the Transport Minister stopped them.
Reserve your ire for Schapps.

In the meantime, Wrexham at home please.

Pinkie Brown

I'll look after the skirt
Sep 5, 2007
Neues Zeitalter DDR
Stevenage, Accrington, Alvechurch, Harrogate, Farnborough, Ebbsfleet, Fleetwood, Boreham Wood, Chippenham or Buxton please.
One team I wouldn't want is Boreham Wood away. Nasty little club with unpleasant stewards and an egotistical money grabbing chairman. Highest entry prices in NL by account. I went there years back and the whole vibe through the place was unwelcoming. They charge entry for photographers, scouts plus even opposition staff to cover their games. Generally disliked on the non league circuit. The full article below and comments will give the gist of the club.


Brighton Lines

The Manifestation of Moribund
Apr 5, 2014
Can't we have the old draw back ? None of the silly fanfare. 12.30 on the Monday. 20 seconds of introduction. 'Commander NutNut is drawing the home teams, Major Ballsup the away teams. The draw will now commence'

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